Neighboring Where You Live

Neighboring Where You Live

Commit to be a part of our church family challenge to Neighbor Up! Practical tips on how to Neighbor Up! are available there throughout the sermon series. Have fun Neighboring Where You Live and see where God takes your faithfulness!

Messages in Series

  • Serve Your Neighbor

    Jeff Norris | Oct 21

    We live in a world and a culture of notoriety and platform. In the kingdom of God, greatness is measured by the yardstick of service. Jeff Norris finishes the series "Neighboring Where You Live" with his message "Serve Your Neighbor", focused on John 13:1-17 (ESV).

  • Share The Gospel With Your Neighbor

    Caleb Click | Oct 14

    In Paul's ministry we see an echo of the life and ministry of Jesus. Caleb Click looks at 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 (ESV) and tells us to hear the gospel afresh: it's not about you, it's all about Jesus. After hearing it, we need to believe the gospel, so that we can then share and proclaim it. Caleb looks at these three points in his message "Share The Gospel With Your Neighbor".

  • Pray For Your Neighbor

    Caleb Click | Oct 07

    Throughout Jesus' ministry we see Him praying. The question we need to ask ourselves is "Why don't we pray that way?" We need to start believing what Jesus told us, that apart from Him we're powerless and that prayer itself is powerful. We should pray constantly, pray for our neighbors, and pray confidently. Caleb Click looks at practical steps for how to "Pray For Your Neighbor," focusing on Mark 1:35-39 (ESV) and how Jesus does this very thing. 

  • A Meal With Your Neighbor

    Bob Cargo | Sep 30

    If God has called me to love the world and city, should I not love and care for my neighbors? Bob Cargo continues the "Neighboring Where You Live" series with the message "A Meal With Your Neighbor", focused on Luke 5:27-33 (NIV '84) and how Jesus' ministry included meals. Meals shared together are much more central to Christian faith than perhaps you've ever thought or experienced. "Radically ordinary hospitality" is at the heart of God's Kingdom.

  • See Your Neighbor

    Jeff Norris | Sep 23

    We see but we don't see. Everywhere we go, we see. But are we seeing what we need to see? Seeing with eyes of compassion turns the canvas of the world upside down. Jeff Norris kicks off the series with "See Your Neighbor" out of Luke 10:25-37, Matthew 9:36 (ESV).

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