Pictures of Jesus

Pictures of Jesus

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  • I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life; I AM the True Vine

    Bob Cargo | Feb 10

    Bob Cargo finishes the series "Pictures of Jesus" with his message "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life; I AM the True Vine." He uses selected texts, including John 14 and 15, to look at ways in which the life for which we are created is radically Jesus-centered from beginning to end.

  • I Am The Resurrection And The Life

    Caleb Click | Feb 03

    John 11 says there is one who gives hope to those who live in a world of despair. Who can be trusted no matter how dire our circumstances, even when we don't understand Him. Caleb Click looks at the story of Lazarus and Jesus' statement "I Am The Resurrection and The Life." And as the resurrection and the life, Jesus is the One who makes all things new.

  • I am the Door and I am the Good Shepherd

    Caleb Click | Jan 27

    Caleb Click continues with the seven metaphorical I AM statements of Jesus as he looks at John 10:1-21 (ESV) in his message "I Am The Door and I Am The Good Shepherd." Jesus offers two metaphors, each building on the other, that declare His identity in a way that leaves you only two options: He is either a demon or the one voice in all the world that offers true salvation

  • I Am the Light of the World

    Jeff Norris | Jan 20

    Jeff Norris looks at a second "I am... statement of Jesus in his message "I Am The Light of The World," from John 7:37-39, 8:12 (ESV). Light is essential to life, it's how we were created. Following Jesus leads us out of darkness and in to life.

  • I Am the Bread of Life

    Jeff Norris | Jan 13

    We are a hungry people when it comes to our cravings in life. We hunger for all kinds of things. Common to the human condition is a deep longing to be satisfied, to be whole. Our problem is that, in search for that deep soul satisfaction, we gorge ourselves on subpar solutions filled with empty promises. Jesus is the One we are created to be satisfied in. He is the One who gives life the way we long for. Join Jeff Norris as he walks through John 6 and starts a new series entitled "Pictures of Jesus" with his message "I Am the Bread of Life."

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