Propelled: A Serving Mindset

Propelled: The Serving Mindset

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  • Discover Of Sign Gifts: Part Two

    Randy Pope | May 08

    Randy digs deeper in to the discovery of sign gifts using 1 Corinthians 12. This week he takes a look at "speaking in tongues", "getting messages from God", and "healing and healers". We were deisgned to serve. The important things is for us to discover the gift(s) that He gave us and where we should serve. What is your toolset and workshop?

  • Discovery of Sign Gifts

    Randy Pope | May 01

    Join Randy as he continues the series Propelled: The Serving Mindset and looks at select scriptural texts investigating the Sign Gifts and The Baptism of the Spirit. A Sign Gift can be defined as "any gift whereby its means of usage is derived to some degree from God granting more uncommon abilities." We are to follow the assignments and use the gifts God gives us.

  • Discovery Of Serving Gifts

    Randy Pope | Apr 17

    Randy looks at 1 Peter 4:10-11 again as he walks through spiritual gifts classified as "serving gifts" in his message "Discovery of Serving Gifts". How many of us are consumed with self? Break free! Go to the cross and see His great love for people and the gifts He uses in our lives to serve others.


    Please note: the link Randy mentions for a spiritual gifts assessment will be online at a later date - details for licensing are being worked out. A print version is available in the Perimeter Church bookstore.

  • Discovery Of Speaking Gifts

    Randy Pope | Apr 10

    Randy continues the series by looking at 1 Peter 4:10-11 and 1 Corinthians 14:29. This message includes a definition of what a spiritual gift is, then guidelines for discovering spiritual gifts. 1 Peter refers to speaking and serving gifts. This week Randy looks into five speaking gifts.

  • Tools For Serving: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Mar 20

    Randy continues looking at tools for serving. This week he looks at select texts and digs deeper into spiritual gifts and the importance of discovering our spiritual gift. The church needs a combination of all the gifts - Christ is the only one who had all the gifts.

  • Tools For Serving

    Randy Pope | Mar 13

    Randy continues his series about serving as he looks at "Tools For Serving". Walk through select texts as he reviews how our lives, our material and financial resources, and our spiritual gifts are tools that we use in serving the body.

  • Designed For Serving

    Randy Pope | Mar 06

    Randy starts a new series on serving. This week Randy walks through four questions and Ephesians 2:1-10. Questions 1-3 look at what God has done for us and question 4 describes Him. Four key words summarize this passage from Ephesians 2: designed, broken, re-created, and vindication.

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