Radical Love

Radical Love

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  • Power and Privilege

    David Cho | Jun 26

    The issue is power and privilege. Do we use and view our blessings and advantages as gifts from God? David Cho uses Acts 6:1-7 to show us that God never blesses us without the desire to see us be a blessing in return. To share our blessings we must first own them and come to terms with the power and privilege we have, along with who we are. David walks through how it works, why it's important, and what we can do.

  • Christ: Our Only Hope For Peace

    Murray Lee | Jun 19

    Murray Lee walks us through Luke 19:41-44. When we truly have a sense of what Christ did for us, we have freedom to rejoice in things He is doing, we can repent in things that wound the very heart of our King, and we can rest in a Savior, giving Him our lives completely. These steps lead to Radical Love and change our families, streets, neighborhoods, cities, and the world through Christ who is our only hope for peace. 

  • And Who Is Our Neighbor?

    Dr. Kennon Vaughan | Jun 12

    Kennon Vaughan uses the well-known story of the Good Samaritan, as seen in Luke 10:25-37, to illustrate Radical Love. It's a story showing what it means to love your neighbor as yourself and looks at who actually is your neighbor. This story changes what is means to follow Christ and changes why we follow Christ.

  • New Lives Means New Community

    Darryl Ford | Jun 05

    What pops into your head when someone says "radical"? Darryl Ford, pastor of Ikon Community Church, begins the series, Radical Love, and walks through Acts 2:1-13, looking at the day of Pentecost, contrasting it with the Tower of Babel. Radical love is a love that goes above and beyond what is required to do, being authentically and totally true from the root out. Darryl also looks at racism and how the church responds to it. What does a true multi-cultural church / radical community look like? Is it a soup, a salad, or a stew? 

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