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The Church

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  • A People of God

    Randy Pope | Jan 06

    Randy finishes the series "The Church" with his message "A People of God" out of 1 Peter 2:9-10 (NASB). The message begins with a song that he wrote with church member, Chuck McDowell. The lyrics were inspired by the content of the current series. Two things are needed to make anything happen: a will and a way. Randy digs into reasons we should proclaim God?s excellencies, then points us to some ways we can learn to do that.

  • A Priesthood: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Dec 16

    Randy Pope continues "The Church" with the second part of the message "A Priesthood" from 1 Peter 2:4-9. This week he looks at how every Christian is to offer sacrifices: our lives, worship, service, and resources. Each of these areas of sacrifice comes with a privilege and a responsibility.

  • A Priesthood: Part One

    Randy Pope | Dec 09

    The residents of this royal community are considered stones which comprise a spiritual house designed for priests and priestesses to offer up spiritual sacrifices to God. Randy Pope continues "The Church" series with the first part of his next message, "A Priest", looking at 1 Peter 2:4-9.

  • God's Redeemed Family

    Caleb Click | Dec 02

    Caleb Click continues the series "The Church" with his message, "God's Redeemed Family," looking at 1 Peter 1:22-2:3 (ESV). Peter points us to how we embrace Christ's redeemed family: first, by loving one another. If we are to grow into this love, if we are to flourish, then there's one thing more we must do: we must crave pure spiritual milk.

  • A Necessary Authority: Part Three

    Randy Pope | Nov 11

    In this week's message, part three of "A Necessary Authority", Randy Pope uses selected texts to address a second type of accountability in the Church: a faithful community. He concludes the message looking at three types of friends.

  • A Necessary Authority: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Nov 04

    Randy continues the series about church membership with Part Two of 'A Necessary Authority' from Matthew 18:15-18 (NASB). He talks about spiritual accountability that comes with church membership, along with other benefits that we receive.

  • A Necessary Authority: Part One

    Randy Pope | Oct 28

    Randy Pope begins a new series with this message "A Necessary Authority: Part One" and looks at Matthew 16:13-19 (NASB). He begins focusing on the meaning and importance of authority, along with the relationships we experience as a benefit.

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