The Fight

The Fight

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  • Fighting For Simplicity

    Randy Pope | Mar 24

    Simplicity is not measured by the quantity of one's possessions and responsibilities, but rather by the narrowness of focus as to what really matters. Simplicity is the by-product of seeking the right things, so as to be freed from dangerous things, so as to enjoy the best things. Randy Pope concludes the series "The Fight" with his message "Fighting For Simplicity," looking at selected texts.

  • Fighting For A Slower Pace

    Randy Pope | Mar 17

    Randy Pope continues in "The Fight" series with this message "Fighting For A Slower Pace." He looks at Psalm 46:10 and Psalm 8 (NASB) for the cause and cure for the fast pace. Then, he concludes with five "musts" if hoping to lessen hurry to a considerable degree.

  • Fighting To Number Our Days: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Mar 03

    How do you number your days? And why should we number our days? Join Randy as he looks at these important questions in his message "Fighting To Number Our Days: Part Two," from Psalm 90 (NASB).

  • Fighting To Number Our Days: Part One

    Randy Pope | Feb 24

    Randy Pope begins the new series, "The Fight," looking at Psalm 90 (NASB). He introduces the question "Why should we number our days?": Life is short. We are accountable to God for our use of life. Lastly, a well-spent life will leave a permanent accomplishment.

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