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The Lovable Law

The Lovable Law

Christians can be conflicted about the Law, but the Bible is not. The Law is to be loved, not feared. God gave His Law to prove and enhance our love. "The Lovable Law" is a 15-part, in-depth look at the Ten Commandments from our teaching team. The laws start with our love for God: the stipulation to love Him above all, to avoid falling in love with creations over the creator, to properly use His name, and to follow His example in work and rest. The laws finish with our love for each other: parents, lives, spouses, possessions, and truth. And then, surrounding it all, controlling our desires, which is where we are always first led astray. When we understand relationship between the Gospel and the Law, we can say with the Psalmist: "I long for your salvation, O Lord, and your law is my delight!"

Messages in Series

  • Putting The Brakes On Runaway Desires

    Randy Pope | Apr 09

    Randy Pope concludes the series, "The Lovable Law", with the message "Putting The Brakes On Runaway Desires". He looks at Exodus 20:17 (NASB) and three brakes: 1) Trust - What ARE needs? How do you trust?  2) Thankfulness - What IS thankfulness? What does God owe me? What do I deserve? Look at the condition of your heart.  3) Priorities - to set temporal things as a priority, or to set eternal things as a priority. 

  • To Tell The Truth

    Randy Pope | Apr 02

    Randy tackles Exodus 20:16 in his message, "To Tell The Truth". What is the meaning of the prohibition in Exodus 20:16? Are little white lies really okay? Look at how we need to tell the truth, to tell the whole truth, and to tell nothing but the truth. After investigating the meaning, Randy looks at the motive for the prohibition. Why does God make such a big deal about it?

  • Do Not Steal

    Jeff Norris | Mar 26

    This week Jeff Norris looks at the eighth commandment - "You shall not steal" - from Exodus 20:15 (ESV). Stealing is a byproduct of selfishness ... and our hearts are flooded with selfishness. Stealing is one small action step away from selfishness. Stealing is an offense to God because it's the antithesis of the heart of God.

  • Marriage Malignancies: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Mar 19

    Randy continues with "Marriage Malignancies: Part Two", studying Exodus 20:14 (NASB). God gave us the law "You shall not commit adultery" to protect the beauty and sanctity of marriage. This week Randy looks at why should we follow this law and how it applies to pre-marital sex, and imaginary sex (lust).

  • Marriage Malignancies: Part One

    Randy Pope | Mar 12

    The seventh commandment tells us "You shall not commit adultery". But to what does adultery really refer? Randy Pope begins his message "Marriage Malignancies" with Part One with the first of three areas, investigating Exodus 20:14 and extra-marital sex. Why does God forbid it? Are there some things we should do to affair-proof our marriages? 

  • Murder Weapons

    Randy Pope | Mar 05

    Randy continues his series, "The Lovable Law", with the message "Murder Weapons", based on Exodus 20:13. The sixth command is "You shall not murder", but covers a lot more than you might think. This message digs into what murder really is, as well as some interesting questions: Who is innocent of murder? Who wants to defend themselves in the court of God?

  • Seven Days Of Work Makes One Weak, Part 3

    Randy Pope | Jan 22

    Randy concludes his three part mini-series on the Lord's Day with his message "Seven Days of Work Makes One Weak, Part 3". We looked at Exodus 20:8-11 one final time and how God designed us to spend one day a week regulating the future. He also share five important truths regarding the Lord's Day. What are two important words for us to remember? Rest and Perspective!

  • Seven Days Of Work Makes One Weak, Part 2

    Randy Pope | Jan 15

    In Part Two of "Seven Days Of Work Makes One Weak", Randy continues looking at Exodus 20:8-11 and the points that God designed us to spend one day a week remembering the past, and reevaluating the present. Randy encourages us to move away from selective obedience and to embrace God's Law in every respect.

  • Seven Days Of Work Makes One Weak, Part 1

    Randy Pope | Jan 08

    Randy continues the series "The Lovable Law" with this message from Exodus 20:8-11. "Seven Days Of Work Makes One Weak" is Part One of three messages on this topic looking at the importance of keeping a single day's rest in our lives. God's pattern was six days of labor and one day of rest - why shouldn't we do the same? Randy also looks at three exceptions - works of piety, works of mercy, and works of necessity.

  • The Commandment With A Promise

    Caleb Click | Dec 18

    Caleb Click continues "The Lovable Law" series with a message on Exodus 20:12 entitled "The Commandment With A Promise". Join Caleb as he takes a look at why honoring our parents is so serious to God and what does it even mean?

  • The Test of Sincerity

    Randy Pope | Dec 11

    The Test of Sincerity
    Exodus 20:7

  • When A Picture Says Less Than Words

    Randy Pope | Dec 04

    Why did God give the second commandment? Join Randy Pope as he digs into Exodus 20:4-6 and the second commandment. This message, "When A Picture Says Less Than Words", shows us how idols and images subtract from our relationship with God. Randy also looks at how we see God as He is and how our view of God will shape our way of live. We see God in nature and in His Word. God wants us to truly know Him and not something that represents Him.

  • Falling In Love With Mannequins

    Randy Pope | Nov 20

    God never gives laws arbitrarily; all give are for our benefit, for our good. Join Randy as he looks at the first of the Ten Commandments in his message "Falling In Love With Mannequins". Randy uses Exodus 20:1-3 to answer the questions "What does the first commandment mean?" and "Why did God give us the first commandment?" Finally, he walks through four modern, American gods - search your heart to see if they are gods/idols in your life.

  • Love Stipulations, Part 2

    Randy Pope | Nov 13

    Randy starts Love Stipulations, Part 2 with the question "What happens when you hear 'The Law of God'"? He reviews the giving of the Law then turns to two reasons for the Law that are found in Exodus 20:18-20: to test man's love and to enhance man's love. The final part of the message looks at three responses to God's Law. Would you allow God to test you and your love through the Law?

  • Love Stipulations, Part 1

    Randy Pope | Nov 06

    Randy Pope begins a new series in which he will walk through the 10 Commandments. This week his message, "Love Stipulations, Part 1", focuses on Exodus 19:1 - 20:20; 24:3-8 and reminds us that if we don't understand the beauty of the Law, we'll never understand the beauty of God! Hear of 2 misconceptions about the Law and listen as Randy uses marriage to illustrate our walk with God.

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