The Sovereignty Of Grace

The Sovereignty Of Grace

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  • The Doctrines Of Grace: Part Four

    Randy Pope | Jan 08

    Randy completes the series "A Glorious Grace: The Sovereignty Of Grace" as he looks at selected texts in his message "The Doctrines Of Grace: Part Four". This week he focuses on how God's grace is irresistible and nonretractable. Combined with the other three doctrines, we are reminded of ways God loves us.

  • The Doctrines Of Grace: Part Three

    Randy Pope | Dec 10

    In part three of "The Doctrines Of Grace", Randy uses selected texts to look at how God's grace is particular. What saves sinners? Is that salvation for all? Hear Randy's answers to these and other questions.

  • The Doctrines Of Grace: Part Two

    Randy Pope | Dec 03

    There are two essentials in coping and dealing with life: that God is love and that the God is capable. Randy continues "A Glorious Grace: The Sovereignty of God" with "The Doctrines Of Grace: Part Two". He takes a look a selected texts. This week's focus is on the statement that "God's grace is sovereign". Resting in His authority allows us to rest in His love.

  • The Doctrines Of Grace: Part One

    Randy Pope | Nov 26

    Randy Pope continues "A Glorious Grace" with the final section: "The Sovereignty Of Grace". His message, "Doctrines of Grace: Part One", looks at select texts, and how God's grace is essential. We need to understand how big our forgiveness is, and how important it is to keep God's grace and God's love together, and always in front of us.

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