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  • The Safest Place To Be In Babylon

    Randy Pope | Sep 06

    Daniel 6


    Living in those circumstances that are bringing the pain, heartache, and issues is the safest place you could possibly be given certain conditions.

  • The Wages of Sin

    Randy Pope | Aug 30

    Daniel 5


    Randy Pope digs into Daniel 5 which includes the mysterious writing on the wall. What does it mean?



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  • Misdirected Glory

    Randy Pope | Aug 23

    Daniel 4


    Look at the consequences of bowing as seen in the life of Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Holding Firm Your Convictions

    Randy Pope | Aug 16

    Daniel 3:1-30


    What do you think when someone tells you to hold firm your convictions? Randy Pope takes a look at how the story in Daniel 3 applies to us today as we see requirements for holding firm your convictions, along with assurances when we are unwilling to compromise our convictions. There is always victory for God's people!

  • The Extent of God's Sovereignty

    Randy Pope | Aug 09

    Daniel 2:24-49


    Is God sovereign over all things? Over people, circumstances, and the events of history?

  • Ascribing To The Sovereignty of God

    Randy Pope | Jul 26

    Does God determine all things? What exactly IS the sovereignty of God and how does it impact those of us here on earth?

  • Resisting The World's Offer

    Randy Pope | Jul 19

    Daniel 1:3-21 (NASB)

  • Two Cities - One God

    Randy Pope | Jul 12

    Daniel 1:1-2



    There are two cities in this world - Babylon and Zion. Do you acknowledge that there are two cities? If so, where is your allegiance? 


    The significance of winning is all around us. Why is it that winning seems to cause us to act more responsibly? The problems arise when we have the wrong priorities for our winning. Who do you think appears to be winning today?


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