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The Upside-Down Kingdom: Following King Jesus In A Broken World

The Upside-Down Kingdom: Following King Jesus In A Broken World

The four week series is titled "The Upside Down Kingdom: Following King Jesus in a Broken World". Each teacher will focus on how to follow Jesus in a world that holds values that are upside down and backward from the teachings of God?s Kingdom.


Messages in Series

  • Kingdom Love: Making The Invisible Visible

    Dr. Julius Kim | Jun 25

    Dr. Julius Kim, Dean of Students and Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, and Associate Pastor at New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA, closes out the series with his message "Kingdom Love: Making The Invisible Visible". He continues in Matthew 5, with verses 38 - 42, and looks how Christ teaches characteristics and traits of those belonging to the Kingdom. First, look at confrontation: the confrontation of our sinful hearts. Next is expectation: the expectation of Jesus' teaching on the law. And finally, transformation: the transformation of our lives through the gospel. 

  • The Foundation Of The Upside Down Kingdom

    Ryan Johnson | Jun 18

    Ryan Johnson, pastor of New City Church in Lawrenceville, continues our Young Leaders Series, looking in Matthew 5:3-5, with his message "The Foundation Of The Upside Down World". In order to build the Kingdom, the Kingdom must first be built in us. How does that happen? Join Ryan as he answer this question from the first three Beattitudes. 

  • Kingdom Faith

    Ajay Thomas | Jun 11

    Ajay Thomas, from Seven Mile Road Church in Philadelphia, PA, continues this year's Young Leaders series with his message "Kingdom Faith", out of Matthew 7:25-34 (ESV). You've heard the phrase "Don't worry, be happy!" for many years; Ajay changes it to "Don't worry, but fight for faith because God knows your needs and because you know God."

  • Missionary God

    Adam Mabry | Jun 04

    Join Adam Mabry, from Aletheia Church in Boston, MA, as he starts our Young Leaders Series for 2017. His message, "Missionary God", is from John 1:1-18, and focuses on the fact that the mission of God is the meaning of life.

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