City Impact

What is City Impact?

City Impact is a framework for the people of Perimeter Church to live as the Church in our cities. The goal is to bring kingdom flourishing to the places we live, work, and go.


Explore the cities around Perimeter where City Impact teams have launched. Don't see your city? Get in touch with our team to learn how to get started.


City Impact is driven by lay leaders in our cities. These team members work in collaboration with our Perimeter ministries to bring kingdom flourishing to their cities. You'll find examples of these roles listed below.


Rally Perimeter leaders and members to advance our vision and mission in your city.

Faith and Work Coach​

Equip and mobilize members to live out the gospel in the workplace. 

Men's Discipleship Coach​

Pursue our mission of spiritual multiplication in the lives of other men.

Women's Discipleship Coach​

Pursue our mission of spiritual multiplication in the lives of other women.

Education Coach​

Empower kids in your city by helping them achieve their goals and potential.

Welcome Host

Tap into your gift of hospitality to help others belong.

City Shepherd​

Perimeter elders who lead the prayer life and spiritual well-being of lay leaders in the city.

City Shepherdess

Provide care and counseling from a biblical worldview to women in need in your city.

Community Outreach Coach

Organize opportunities to bless others and serve with our non-profit partners.

Communication Coordinator​

Keep your city team in the loop on important updates and upcoming opportunities.

Prayer Coordinator​

Help maintain the essential rhythm of prayer in your city by organizing regular gatherings.

Families Coach

Encourage families in your city with meaningful connections and equipping resources for marriage and parenting.


There are three main ways to get involved in City Team. The most important is prayer for our cities, followed by Events for gathering and Opportunities for blessing your community together.



Flourishing begins with prayer for God to do what only He can do in our cities. We encourage every City Impact team to pray regularly together.



There are a variety of events happening on specific days and times. Visit your City Impact page to explore upcoming events in your city.



One of the best ways to engage in City Impact is to serve alongside others, either as an organic effort or with one of our ministry partners.

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City Impact

A call to be the church where you are

City Impact is a framework for Perimeter members to live as the Church in their cities, in collaboration with other members, but also the larger community, to bring kingdom flourishing to their cities.

Through our church body

City Impact happens when we graciously engage the people around us, and make intentional kingdom choices in the normal rhythms of our lives.

Communities surrounding our church

City Impact teams are active in ten of the cities surrounding Perimeter Church, with plenty of room for more teams to launch as City Impact expands to more cities.

Hear how God is working in the lives of Perimeter members in their cities. Check out the latest episode of the Impact Stories Podcast.


Do you have a story of impact? We'd love to hear how God is moving in your city through City Impact! Click below to send a brief text or audio story.

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City Impact Team

We work closely with our existing City Impact Teams to support their efforts, and come alongside emerging teams to launch City Impact in their cities. If you have any questions about City Impact and how to get involved, we would love to help you!

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Pastor Omari Hill

Pastor of City Impact

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Tara Stack

City Impact Coordinator

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Tina Stephens

City Impact Communications Coordinator