Andrew is going to South Africa

Andrew is going to South Africa

2023 South Africa | July 21 - August 1 Watershed

Jul 21, 2023 - Aug 1, 2023


Hey There!


Thanks for taking the time to read about the amazing opportunity I have this summer, and how you can be involved in the success of the trip. 

This summer I have the amazing opportunity to go to South Africa with almost 30 other students for my Church's High-School ministry. In all The stories I have heard from other students, I have noticed a theme, they have all seen God at work in another place, and through their experiences, they have seen God move in their own lives. John 16:15 says: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." through this trip, I will be sharing the gospel with others in a place and a culture that is unfamiliar, yet the amazing thing about the Gospel is that despite these differences, the meaning and significance is the same for all! 

While on the ground, we will be serving alongside City Hope Church as they serve Impact Africa and Philile in Johannesburg. Impact Africa serves the local community by teaching them English and Life Skills while providing a school for their children during the week. Philile is a school for inner-city Children who come from a struggling economic class. We will serve others while also sharing the greatest news of all.

This trip is not possible without guidance and provision from God. Obviously, there are financial needs for this trip, but even more importantly, we need prayer. We want this trip to be one that is dependent upon God for its success, so it is crucial that we have a team of support, not only financially, but especially for prayer. That being said, each person is responsible for raising $3250.00, so as you pray for this trip please also consider supporting the trip financially. 

I can't wait to see how God is going to use this trip to build his kingdom! Thanks for your prayers and support!


Andrew Wolthuis


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Donations are tax-deductible and must be made payable to Perimeter Church, who is training and sending the team and who requests that this be above your regular tithe and offerings to your local church. If I raise more than 100%, the additional funds will be allocated to the team fund, and, after that, used at the discretion of the Global Outreach Ministry Team.