Linda is going to Guatemala

Linda is going to Guatemala

2023 Guatemala | Guatemala MMM June 17-24

Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 24, 2023


Dear Friends and Family, 


We’re going to Guatemala again this summer! We were so blessed by our first family mission last summer, that we had decided to go again this year. I apologize for sending out this prayer letter on somewhat short notice, as we leave in about 3 weeks. But we do very much need prayer and would love for you to share in our journey. So thank you for reading this letter.


When will we be going?

June 17-24, 2023


Where will we be going?

Like last summer, we’ll be going on this trip through Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA. We will be based about an hour from the capital of Guatemala City in the ministry center of Medical Missions Ministries (MMM). From there we’ll be traveling to surrounding rural villages.


What will we be doing?

We’ll be holding free medical clinics at churches in rural villages. People living in these areas have very little access to health care and cannot afford to buy medication, as most live on less than $4 a day. Our main goal will be to support the full-time doctors of MMM, who are from Guatemala and have provided health care for the poor for decades. They serve their patients with such joy and compassion and have dedicated their lives to bringing not just physical relief, but also the eternal hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the rural poor of their country. The MMM doctors and staff also support these villages with other kinds of aid, such as food delivery and mentoring for the pastors.


As volunteers, we’ll be helping to sort and distribute medicines in the pharmacy, serve as runners to transport prescriptions and medicines, help with children’s ministry activities, work as assistants in the dental clinic, and help provide medical care in the clinics as needed. Also, we will work in the sharing stations with translators. Patients come to these stations while waiting for their prescriptions to be filled, and we will ask them how we can pray for them and share the Gospel as the Lord leads. Last summer we found that some patients were already so strong in the Lord and inspired us greatly, especially as they often endured great suffering. Others had a distant relationship with God, but were willing to receive prayer. For some, sharing about their physical ailments led to opening up about deep heart wounds that the Lord wanted to heal.


Last summer, this mission trip showed us how small our faith was and, at the same time, deepened our faith in our God who can do anything. Also, we learned more about what really matters in this life and in eternity. I was so thankful that our kids seemed to be genuinely moved by what they saw and experienced and were eager to go to Guatemala again.


How you can support us on this journey:


We will be funding our own trip again this summer, but we would very much appreciate your help in 2 ways:


  • Please pray for us:
    • Strengthening and refining of our faith
    • Willingness to humbly love and serve others
    • Unity within our team (much larger than last year)
    • Physical and spiritual protection
    • Perseverance for the MMM staff to serve the Lord and walk with Him with great joy
    • Physical/spiritual healing and heavenly provision and hope for the people in the rural villages
    • For God to continue to build His kingdom for His name’s sake in Guatemala


  • Consider supporting Joshua’s vitamin fundraising project:
    • We mainly are asking for prayer support, but if you feel led to give, please consider making a small donation to Joshua’s fundraiser, in lieu of contributing to our trip.
    • He is raising money to buy children’s vitamins for MMM’s medical clinics.
    • He will be sending an email with his Go Fund Me page very soon.


Thank you so much for reading this letter and for your support and prayers! We look forward to sharing more about this journey with you in the future.



Linda, Sung, Joshua, Caleb and Elizabeth Lee

(507) 269-0260

Linda Lee


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