Eva is going to Guatemala

Eva is going to Guatemala

2023 Guatemala | Guatemala MMM June 17-24

Jun 17, 2023 - Jun 24, 2023


We are excited to share that our family be going to Guatemala again this summer for another short-term missions trip in partnership with Medical Missions Ministries (MMM) and Perimeter Church. There's a great need for medical care in remote areas of Guatemala. In partnership with the permanent medical missions team in Guatamala, we'll provide medical and spiritual care with the help of local pastors in these areas. We hope to bring medicine and the message of hope through the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ to the community.  

The trip will take place in two parts. Erin and Eva will go first along with KidsQuest, Perimeter Church children's worship team, which Erin has served in for the past few years, from June 10-17. In Guatemala, KidsQuest will lead worship at a local church in Antigua. The rest of the week, we'll suppport MMM at the mobile medical clinics in various parts of Guatemala. We will be serving in the pharmacy, childcare, and sharing stations, where we will be praying for patients and sharing the gospel.

Eric and Samuel will arrive on June 17-24 with another team from Perimeter Church to join Eva and Erin. Eric and Eva will be leading a team of a few families this week. 

Message from Erin: I witnessed miracles and firsthandedly experienced God's work for the first time when I went on a mission trip to Guatemala last year. It helped me begin to understand who God is, and I am looking forward to returning back to the same ministry center this summer. I hope this trip will help me get to know God even better, and that he would not only make an impact on both of the teams we'll be going with, but also on the people we'll be serving. 

Message from Samuel: In this coming trip to Guatamala, I look foward to helping out in the medical clinics. I want to make an impaact on the people there to show them the path of Christ, and in doing so I wish to know God more than I do now. 


We do not need financial donations for our trip. However, we're asking you to partner with us in prayer. Please pray for: 

- Erin's passport (currently in process of being renewed) would get back to us in time for the trip 

- Protection for our physical health before, during, and after our trip 

- Spiritual protection 

- God to use us in reaching the hearts of His people in Guatamala 

- Preparation of our hearts, to be open to see what God is doing in Guatamala and outside of what we are familiar with

- Wisdom for Eric & Eva in leading a team of 23 

Thank you!

-𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒯𝒢𝒾 πΉπ’Άπ“‚π’Ύπ“π“Ž

Eric, Eva, Erin, & Samuel


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Donations are tax-deductible and must be made payable to Perimeter Church, who is training and sending the team and who requests that this be above your regular tithe and offerings to your local church. If I raise more than 100%, the additional funds will be allocated to the team fund, and, after that, used at the discretion of the Global Outreach Ministry Team.