Will is going to Guatemala

Will is going to Guatemala

2023 Guatemala | MMM July 15-22

Jul 15, 2023 - Jul 22, 2023


Hey Everyone,

I am excited to be going on a trip to Guatemala, where me and 12 others will be joining a team of medical professionals/missionaries who will be traveling to rural villages to serve a people group that is often overlooked and underserved.

Guatemala is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history, but it also has many challenges. The poverty rate is high, and many people do not have access to basic healthcare. This is especially true in the rural villages, where people often live in remote areas without clean water or electricity.

The team I will be traveling with will be providing medical care to those in need. A team of doctors will be setting up clinics in the villages and providing basic medical services, such as check-ups, vaccinations, and treatment of minor illnesses.

After we provide medical care, we will also be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ! (Don't worry, we have translators, as my spanish is no bueno).

I am looking for financial support to help me cover the costs of this mission trip. The total cost of the trip is $1,750. This includes the cost of airfare, accommodation, food, and medical supplies.

I would be super grateful for any donation you could make, as well as for prayer for our trip, thank you!!!



Will Ibsen


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Donations are tax-deductible and must be made payable to Perimeter Church, who is training and sending the team and who requests that this be above your regular tithe and offerings to your local church. If I raise more than 100%, the additional funds will be allocated to the team fund, and, after that, used at the discretion of the Global Outreach Ministry Team.