Digging Deeper Podcast

jul 7 2020 - dec 31 2020


In this episode of Digging Deeper, Jeff Norris, Caleb Click, and Bob Cargo sit down together and give a preview of the new sermon series on Exodus starting, Sunday, September 13.  Listen as the teaching team discusses where do we find the Israelites at the opening of Exodus, what must the Israelites be experiencing and feeling and does this show us about the character of God.

Big Takeaway:
God's desire to make Himself known, not only to Israel, but to the nations that He is faithful to His promises but that He?s also the sovereign Redeemer of all things.

Application Question:
Imagine the Israelites' experience as an enslaved people with no hope and their cries or groans out not to a God they knew, but to a God who knew them. How is the God of Exodus revealing himself to you in this season of your life?

Check out the shownotes at perimeter.org/DD-E4-Notes.


In this final episode about the Imago Dei series in the Digging Deeper podcast, Jeff Norris, Caleb Click, and Bob Cargo sit down and share their final thoughts on this nine-week series around the image of God, Imago Dei. Check out episode notes at perimeter.org/DD-E3-Notes.


Click the headphones below to listen to this episode of the Digging Deeper podcast. Jeff Norris, Bob Cargo and Caleb Click continue their discussion of their sermon series, Imago Dei. At this mid-point in their sermon series, we've talked about we, as humans, were created in the image of God but after the fall we are structurally retained but functionally lost as image bearers. This week the guys talk deeper about how our relationship with God, others, ourselves, and even creation is all closely connected to Matthew 28, which is commonly known as the great commission.

Click the headphones icon below to listen to this episode of the Digging Deeper podcast. Jeff sits down with other members of the Perimeter Church teaching team, Bob Cargo and Caleb Click, and gives a preview for our upcoming series, "Imago Dei, Images of God", beginning on July 12. The guys discuss how the biblical doctrine of us, as humans, shows we are all image-bearers of God in a world God created, and God calls His church to be His redemptive workers, to seek the flourishing of all His image-bearers and creation.