Atrium Café

Welcome to the Atrium Café!

We are the unique café ministry of Perimeter Church and we have a variety of services we to offer. Whether you need a good meeting place, somewhere quiet to study, or even just a refuel on your caffeine, the Atrium Café is perfect for you. We carry sandwiches, salads, and pastries catered to us from a variety of local shops. Need a double shot of espresso before that early morning meeting? Our baristas are specifically trained and ready to make you the best coffee shop drinks in North Atlanta. Holding an event at the church? We can cater it with coffee and pastries, just stop by and place an order with one of our staff! We are excited to serve you the next time you come to Perimeter Church.

We are now offering Nitro Brewed Coffee from Phoenix Roasters.

What exactly is Nitro Brew?

Nitro coffee is cold brewed coffee, put into a keg and then infused with nitrogen gas. It’s served straight from a tap and it offers that smooth and creamy beverage feeling that leaves your mouth with a silky, caffeinated sensation. 

Who makes our Nitro Brew?

We proudly serve Phoenix Roasters coffee, based locally in Duluth, Ga.

What brews do we have?

Summer Chai—This drink takes all of the spiciness of chai tea and smooths it out with nitrogen gas and our blonde Guatemalan coffee to bring you a refreshing new twist on a cozy comfort drink!
Blonde Blueberry Basil—lovingly referred to as the Killer B’s, this is a fan favorite! This beautiful purple beverage is crafted with freshly pressed blueberries and crisp basil. When combined with our blonde-roasted Guatemalan coffee this drink is given a super flavor that is high in antioxidants and delightfully unique.
Arnold Palmer
—The frothiest and creamiest tea experience you will ever have! Our southern sweet tea is combined with perfectly brewed lemonade to create a new twist on a classic beverage that we think would make Arnie proud!
Stout Truffle—A deep Panamanian roast that is flavored with hints of chocolate and caramel. This flavor is dark and full, and perfect for satisfying a more complex palette.

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