With frightening statistics growing in the news and community, Perimeter Church takes great measures to care for the children, youth and students ("participants") in our ministry programs.  We work hard to make our ministry programs for children and youth both excellent and SAFE. 
In order to help provide this safe environment, we have contracted with Ministry Safe.  Ministry Safe is a firm which provides training and a safety system in order to enhance our child protection practices and further equip our ministries to be aware of sexual predators. 
There are four steps to this safety system which we require staff members and volunteers working with children and youth participants to complete. 

Overview of the Perimeter Church Safety System
  • STEP ONE: Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

    This online training will equip staff members and volunteers with information necessary to recognize abuser characteristics and grooming behavior.  Grooming is the process used by an abuser to select a participant, win the participant’s trust (and the trust of the participant’s parent or ‘gatekeeper’), manipulate the participant into sexual activity and keep the participant from disclosing the abuse. 

    The video’s topics include: 

    • The definition of sexual abuse
    • Common errors and misconceptions related to sexual abuse
    • and sexual abusers
    • Abuser characteristics
    • Grooming process (grooming children and gatekeepers)
    • Common grooming behaviors
    • Peer-on-peer abuse
    • Impact on children - long and short term
    • Reporting responsibilities - authorities & supervisors

    An online test will be given after the video to access understanding.

  • STEP TWO: Screening Process

    The screening process includes:

    • complete application, including a signed release

    • complete a face-to-face or telephone interview

    • provide references to be checked

    A volunteer should have regularly attended Perimeter Church for six months before being eligible to serve in positions providing access to children, youth or student populations.

  • STEP THREE: Review Policies & Procedures

    Staff members and volunteers should review the policies contained in the Participant Safety Policies and sign the agreement page, indicating that he or she has read and understood the material and agrees to comply with policy requirements. The agreement page should be given to your ministry leader.

  • STEP FOUR: Criminal Background Check

    Staff members and volunteers are required to have a criminal background check.


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