Ryan Brown will be with us this Sunday; he is the Director of Life-on-Life Discipleship.

We will join Ryan via Zoom, he’ll be taking us into the concept of “growing” and what that means at Perimeter Church. As a reminder, here is how the topics we are studying this summer are defined:

  • Worship - In spirit and truth, doctrinally rich, culturally relevant, reformed, creedal, bible centered, gospel-saturated, Christ-exalting
  • Belong - Community and care, family, created for fellowship with God and with one another
  • Grow - Mature and equipped, spiritually multiplying followers of Christ, discipleship culture, (pointing our people to all our internal ministries focused on growth in Christ individually and corporately)
  • Bless - Outward-facing, blessing the people and the places we serve and love, evangelism (marketplace ministry, community outreach, global outreach, LOLMD, etc.)

Here is the information for joining the class this Sunday:

Topic: Growing at Perimeter Church
Teacher:  Ryan Brown
Date and Time:  August 9, 9:00 AM

Welcome to the Harvesters Community, which meets Sunday mornings at Perimeter Church. Singles or couples will enjoy the opportunities for fellowship, Bible study and a welcoming community for developing new friendships.

Harvesters Schedule
  • Click here for the Harvesters Meeting Schedule

    Harvesters Class

    Guest Speaker: Debra Potter speaking on Perimeter Church Bless

    Time: Sun, Aug 16 | 8:55 AM - 10:30 AM

    Harvesters Class

    Guest Speaker: Tony Thomas speaking on Perimeter Church Bless

    Time: Sun, Aug 23 | 8:55 AM - 10:30 AM

    Harvesters Class

    Guest Speaker: Drue Warner teaching on Perimeter Church Bless

    Time: Sun, Aug 30 | 8:55 AM - 10:30 AM


Larry Hanlon – Team Leader
Kathy Bogardus
Marty Cuellar
Archie Ni
Pat Quigley
Frits ten Pas
Brenda Johnson
Betty Sellers
Jeff Smith
Tricia Stradley – Perimeter Church Staff Liaison

Diana Corday

Assimilation Connection Coordinator