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At Perimeter, we believe that giving is an expression of worship and thankfulness to return to God a portion of what he has asked us to manage. While many of our members choose to participate in this act of worship during our weekend services we also offer additional giving opportunities for those that are not able or prefer not to give during the service. As well, Perimeter takes very seriously the role that God has given us to steward the financial resources of the Church. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions about giving and our accountability below. Perimeter is a member of the EFCA to maintain financial accountability. Additionally, if you have any questions you can contact Carol Wallace, and she will be happy to answer your questions. 


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  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA

    Reducing your taxable Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) 

    Did you know that you can contribute directly to Perimeter Church from your IRA? If you are 70½ or older, you can have the custodian of your IRA make a non-taxable Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly from your IRA to Perimeter Church in a manner that helps satisfy your yearly Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirement. Note that this transfer is not tax-deductible but may reduce your overall tax requirement more than a direct contribution by nature of the reduction of your overall gross income. We will send you a written confirmation of your gift once your transaction is complete. 

    Simply instruct your IRA administrator to make the check payable to Perimeter Church (TIN 58-1348544) and mail the check addressed as follows: 

    Perimeter Church
    9500 Medlock Bridge Rd. 
    Johns Creek, GA 30097 

    Please notify the Accounting office by emailing Carol Wallace at that the distribution is being made. Include the donor’s name and mailing address, name of IRA Administrator, the exact amount contributed, and the allocation of the donation. This will help ensure that the donation is credited properly. If you have questions, you should contact your financial advisor, accountant, or tax preparer. 

    RMD Rule Changes for 2020

    ·      The Secure Act which became effective January 1, 2020, raised to 72 the age for beginning required minimum distributions, but retained the age of 70 ½ for making QCDs. It also authorizes tax-deductible contributions to IRAs after age 70 ½ if the IRA owner is still working. If a tax-deductible contribution is made to an IRA after age 70 ½, the amount that may be excluded from income for a later-made QCD may be affected. Please consult your tax advisor for more information about this and other questions regarding IRA QCDs.

    ·      The Cares Act of March 27, 2020, includes a provision that suspends all RMD requirements for 2020 until 2021. This includes anyone who turned age 70 1/2 in 2019 and would have had to take the first RMD by April 1, 2020. If you have questions, you should contact your financial advisor, accountant, or tax preparer.

  • Give Recurring Gifts

    Giving a recurring gift by check has a lower processing cost to the church. Placing a check in the offering as part of the weekly corporate worship service is the traditional and still most common way to give recurring or one-time gifts. A growing number of donors give to Perimeter while taking advantage of the convenience of online banking bill paying offered through their bank. One of the advantages is you can schedule a recurring payment to tithe or offerings that currently support the Rooted To Flourish Campaign. When scheduling an online bill payment it is very helpful if you would put a designation such as "Rooted To Flourish" or "Deacon's Fund" in the account number or memo area. When the bank check is received by Perimeter and there is no designation, it is considered a gift to "Rooted To Flourish".

    While processing a gift by check is one of the lower-cost alternatives, giving by Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) offers the lowest processing cost.  ACH offers the advantage of making a recurring gift that is electronically deducted from your check or savings account by Perimeter once a month (your option of the 5th of 20th of the month) or twice a month (on the 5th and the 20th of the month).  To sign up for ACH click here; log in to your My Perimeter Account and begin by choosing the designation and the amount of your gift.  You then must choose the frequency of your gift, either once a month or bi-weekly.  You will then see the ACH button under the Payment Information.  Click the ACH button and continue to fill out your banking information.  Giving by ACH is especially suited to recurring giving associated with a pledge, such as supporting an orphan, Youth or Campus Outreach staff person's ministry.

    Recurring gifts may also be set up and made by credit or debit card. If you don't already have a My Perimeter login, you will need to set one up. To sign up for giving by credit or debit card click here, log in to your My Perimeter account and begin by choosing the designation and amount of your gift. You can then choose the frequency of your gift, one-time, monthly or bi-weekly. Next, go to the Payment Method and choose the type of debit or credit card you will use to set up your card information. You can choose to save your card information by clicking the Save Information box. Then you can use the saved card to make additional or future gifts. Making gifts by credit or debit card offers donor convenience and control.  However, processing costs are higher than with gifts by check or Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) due to the fees credit card processors charge the church to process transactions.

    Card information is securely stored by the payment processor and is not stored on the servers at Perimeter. Bank information is stored on an encrypted database and by our bank's ACH processing system.

  • Change Recurring Gifts

    If you have an existing recurring gift and wish to make a change, login to your My Perimeter account.

    • To change an existing gift amount, you must first cancel the current Subscription.  Go to Giving, then My Recurring Gift Subscriptions and click "Cancel".
    • You must cancel the existing Subscription.  If you do not, these transactions will continue to process.
    • Then to enter your new recurring gift, click on Giving, then Online Giving and complete your information for new gift.
    • To change the donation amount in a bank recurring gift, you may   email the donation change information to  
    • To change credit or debit card information you must first cancel the current subscription that is set up to use that card.  Go to Giving, then My Recurring Gift Subscriptions and click "Cancel".
    • You must cancel the existing Subscription. If you do not, these transactions will attempt to process on the remaining dates.
    • Then to enter your new recurring gift, click on Giving, then Online Giving and complete your information using your new card information.  You can check the box to save your card information.
    • Enter any other recurring gifts you would like to set up using the new saved card information. 
    • To change your bank account information you must first cancel the remaining existing gifts that were set up using that information.  Go to Giving, then My Recurring Gifts and click "Cancel".
    • Then enter your first recurring gift and new bank information.
    • Enter any other recurring gifts you would like to set up using the new bank information. 
  • Give to a Global Journey

    Click on the button below to support someone going on a Global Journey (Mission Trip). Enter the amount you would like to give, then select Other, then Mission Trip, then choose the particular Mission Trip you wish to support. Finally, select the Participant you are supporting.

  • Give Stock

    Perimeter Church has a brokerage account at Charles Schwab.  Please follow the following steps to give a stock gift to Perimeter Church.

    1. Contact your stock brokerage firm and tell them the name of the company whose stock you wish donate and number of shares.  The Charles Schwab brokerage account number is DTC 0164. Tell them the Perimeter Church Inc. account number at Charles Schwab is 70168081. 

    2. Notify Perimeter's Accounting department of your gift and where your gift should be applied. Contact Carol Wallace by email or phone, 678.405.2195.

    3. You will receive an acknowledgment letter from Perimeter stating your gift was received.

  • Giving Information

    Send requests to start, stop or updates to giving envelope information to Carol Wallace or call her at 678.405.2195.


    With a My Perimeter account you can access your giving information online.  Login to My Perimeter or set up your account by clicking here

    Chose Giving, then 

    • My Giving History which provides current year giving
    • Or choose My Contribution Statements to access a prior year's annual statement or the current year's quarterly statements. 

    To view your recurring gifts choose Giving and then My Recurring Gifts.

  • Financial Accountability

    Financial accountability is important at Perimeter. Perimeter Church is audited annually by an independent auditing firm. Members may request a copy of the latest audited financial statements by contacting Carol Wallace.

    Perimeter Church has received accreditation by Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). The ECFA seal assures donors that their gifts are going to an organization they can trust to carry out the Great Commission, while being held accountable to the ECFA's high standards of integrity and stewardship. For more information click here.

  • PCA Foundation

    More information available at the PCA Foundation website.


  • Contact Us

    Please email Carol Wallace, Controller, or phone 678.405.2195.