Tanzania 2017 - Friday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 30, 2017

After a long week of learning we were all ready for a fun Friday! Instead of the typical seminars, we showed some videos of teaching in Perimeter School classrooms, played with manipulatives to discover how they can be used for learning, talked through resources and lesson plans for next... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Thursday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 29, 2017

Once again, we started off the day at worship and devotions with the teachers. The time consists of a brief discussion in the Word of God, prayer and the most beautiful singing you could ever hear (most of which is done in Swahili). One line of a song which we could translate, was “Karibu... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 28, 2017

After a better with all the teachers in the morning, and the topic has been Math all week. It was unanimous among our team and the Tanzanian teachers, that we ALL want to go back to school and learn math in this new and exciting way! After a time of playing a game to practice multiplication... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Monday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 26, 2017

We are here all 8 of us all 24 of our suitcases and we are all well! Bwana Asifiwe! The praise belongs to the Lord!) Our first miracle occurred before we left the curb at the airport in Atlanta when all of our stuff was approved to go. The second occurred when we retrieved all of our bags from... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #7

Katie Gonzalez | Jun 23, 2017

What an amazing week this has been! Each day half of our team headed to Mana de Vida, a school for impoverished children in the town of Escuintla. The other half of the team would head to a rural community to assist with a medical clinic.   The children at Mana de Vida are all coming... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #6

Joel Eaby | Jun 22, 2017

Today I was scheduled along with my daughter Elisabeth to go with the team to set up a mobile medical clinic in a village about an hour away. As we were getting ready to leave it was announced that we needed to take one more vehicle and that a driver, any driver, was needed. I wasn’t sure... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #5

Johnna Stein | Jun 21, 2017

Every day our team gathers at 7:00 AM for Dr. Hermann Alb’s hour-long morning devotions. He's been teaching us about the difference between being on a mission trip vs. going on a date with Jesus. Hermann explained how we have been invited on this mission trip to partner with Jesus. He asks us... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #4

Tony Gonzalez | Jun 20, 2017

Team Alpha, my part of the serving team, had day at a Medical Missions Ministry (MMM) Clinic medical clinic at Loma Linda on Monday. What a beautiful day we had and what a gift for us to have the opportunity to meet the people of Loma Linda. Loma- meaning the top of the mountain; and Linda-... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #3

Jack Baird | Jun 18, 2017

The start of our first full day in Guatemala felt kind of like the first day of a new school year as 6:15 AM alarm clocks blared and a group of tired people loaded into a bus around 7:00 in the morning. Thankfully, the bus was filled with enthusiasm and a pervasive feeling of excitement for the eventful day and week ahead. The first order of business was the early service at the local church; in Guatemala, early means EARLY. The 8:00 AM start time seemed completely natural for the energetic and wonderful worship team at the church who blew us away with not only their vocals, but also their intense air guitars. In addition, the video-streamed pastor gave an extremely well thought-out and witty sermon about the true meaning of being a father, even though most of the humor was lost in translation. Overall, the church service was a big success and great experience for the group. |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #2

Yazmine B. | Jun 17, 2017

I imagine everyone on this trip was both excited and nervous. The entire Guatemala team was told to be at the airport at 3:30 PM. Unexpected Atlanta traffic was causing a delay in the arrival times of some families (who were too awesome to leave behind). Thankfully everyone arrived on time to catch our 6:35 PM flight. The group leaders rushed to the bag check in line, only to find out most of the bags were qualified for FREE check-in. We then rushed through security, where some bags were searched because of a very suspicious looking tube of toothpaste. |MORE|

Guatemala Bound Again!

D'Ann Renner | Jun 16, 2017

On the eve of another trip to the land of eternal spring, I stop to ask myself, "why do I do this, year after year?" After all, there are plenty of needy people in the United States, here in Georgia, in fact. I wouldn't have to worry about terrorist, Zika-bearing mosquitos,... |MORE|