A Report from Paul Utley on the Field in Thailand!

Paul Utley | Feb 15, 2019

We are thrilled to be seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" in our huge project of a new proper building for our school, Grace International School (after being kicked out of our last location)! I've been on the board of this incredible school, Grace International... |MORE|

Not What I Expected - Tanzania Journal #72

Katie Gettmann | Nov 28, 2018

This summer I had the opportunity to visit Siha Leadership Academy (formerly PUNCHWMI) as part of a Go Journey team to Karansi, Tanzania. I had many fears and hesitations leading up to the day of departure. I was leaving my husband and two young daughters to travel 20+ hours across the... |MORE|

Watershed Journey To South Africa

Emilio Hood | Aug 01, 2018

  We had an incredible time in Africa, and watched God move in us, and through us, in amazing ways!   During the two days in the squatter communities, we saw probably close to twenty people pray to receive Christ for the first time, and around 5 people healed.... |MORE|

Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #5

Ty Bryant | Jul 25, 2018

Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.” I’ve always loved that verse because of the senses it provokes. When you taste something so good you can’t get away from it, you keep coming back to said item again and... |MORE|

Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #4

Neale Hightower | Jul 24, 2018

As I write this, we have just finished our debrief time with the team at the end of our fourth day of the trip. This is my second time in Guatemala, and I continue to be amazed with how God works in the simple things, and the faith of the people we meet. When we were at Maná de Vida... |MORE|

Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #3

Kris Higgins | Jul 23, 2018

This is my first trip to Guatemala. It’s our second day of our "mission" work here. I didn’t know what to expect. I heard stories of past trips, etc. but experiencing it is incredible.   It’s hard to know where to begin, because each day has been... |MORE|

Teachers in Tanzania

Miriam Johnson | Jul 23, 2018

The Perimeter Teachers Team consisted of 7 teachers, 5 from Perimeter School and 2 from area public schools. Six of us were returning to Tanzania, though for one it had been well over a decade since her first trip. For Kristin it was a new experience, and Lee Ann was eager to see all the changes... |MORE|

Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #2

D'Ann Renner | Jul 22, 2018

Today, Sunday, was a day of worship. First, we went to Vida Real Antigua. Vida Real has over 30 sites and is the parent church and spiritual head for both Maná de Vida and Medical Missions Ministry. The service was in Spanish but the worship transcended language as we praised the God and... |MORE|

Guatemala Maná de Vida/Medical Missions Ministries - July 21-28 #1

Garrett Baird | Jul 21, 2018

Today was a big day, we started off the trip strong with a large thunder storm, a fallen tree, and a double delayed flight; the spiritual warfare was already becoming evident! However, we all made it safely and in good spirits to the airports international terminal. We met up at Entrance Two and... |MORE|

European Leadership Forum #4

John Manderscheid | Jun 17, 2018

This was my first time on the Poland ELF Go Journey. I have heard about it from others and was looking forward to the time of serving even though I knew we would be busy. The one thing that I was amazed at was how many young people are involved in trying to spread the gospel in Europe. I was... |MORE|

European Leadership Forum Update #3

Kathy Respess | Jun 09, 2018

Last year I mentored two women here on their marriages at the request of ELF. I was glad to finish that because I felt so inadequate since I haven't done that for 20 years and I'm not married. Fast forward to this year, I was in the dining room two nights ago and this girl from Serbia came up to... |MORE|

European Leadership Forum Update #1

Charles Hunt | May 30, 2018

Praying with, singing with, and sharing with so many attendees from over 50 countries. Hearing many great speakers each morning and each night. Also, working with so many volunteers from more than five different countries. Plus, the enthusiasm heard from so many attendees. Also, after the forum,... |MORE|

European Leadership Forum Update #2

Phyllis Egenberger | May 30, 2018

The speakers and attendees I encountered expressed how grateful they were for the volunteers. The speakers repeated: We couldn't have done this Forum without you. Made me feel I was needed. |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #6

Heidi Cantrell | May 05, 2018

Salve for the Soul - I'm certain I'll never be able to put into words the joy, wonder, amazement, peace, grace, and satisfaction I felt on this trip. We learned a lot about God's sovereignty, what it means to truly trust Him, and how peaceful and natural that feeling is. I honestly never... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #7 - Short Stories

Heidi Cantrell | May 05, 2018

We were a few minutes late to church that first Sunday. We had to walk in across the front, behind the choir, while the church was on their feet, physically worshipping in dance and song. They graciously provided seats for us, right up front in a place of honor, so we would not miss out. But we... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #5

Judy Delany | Apr 30, 2018

Our team has finished well and are in great spirits. We served many of the poorest of the poor. I think everyone is ready to return. We all agree that God has used our circumstances for good and for His greater plan.   Tomorrow we will start the journey home. Pray for safe... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #4

Judy Delany | Apr 27, 2018

How strange it is to say that we had a great day today despite the disappointment of not getting our meds and medical supplies from the airport as expected.   We saw over 100 villagers today. These folks are really the poorest of the poor. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #3

Jennifer Stephens/Judy Delany | Apr 26, 2018

I received many short emails from my mom, Judy Delany, this morning all at one time. As you can imagine, an internet connection is rather inconsistent in Tanzania so I'm guessing she sent me each of these messages at different times but I'm not sure what the correct order is. I've... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #2

Jennifer Stephens/Judy Delany | Apr 25, 2018

I received a note from my mom, Judy Delany, this morning. She said that they still do not have their meds. The TFDA is going to the airport to inspect the bags which will hopefully occur by tonight . If they do release them, then the Tanzania team will have them by 10:00 AM or so on Thursday.... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #1

Heidi Cantrell | Apr 24, 2018

Hello from Sunny Africa! Well, it's raining today, but we were very blessed our first three days with gorgeous, sunny weather. It was very unexpected and extremely appreciated!   Many of you have heard of our challenges at customs when we arrived Friday night. Our suitcases, full of... |MORE|

Teachers in Guatemala #3

Patti Kienitz, Ellie Girage, Elise Reiff, and Kim Thompson | Dec 01, 2017

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Thursday began with Elise sharing classroom management tools and tips. Her presentation and accompanying skits were well received by the teachers. After a much needed break, the teachers worked to prepare classroom management posters for the coming school year. We... |MORE|

Back From Ireland

Dennis & Linda Lee | Nov 29, 2017

We arrived back from Dublin last night and wanted to give you a quick report. Your prayers were felt, appreciated, and effective! To use some of our favorite Irish adjectives, the trip was brilliant, grand, and lovely! Also, exhausting, challenging, and inspiring. Here are a few highlights:... |MORE|

Teachers in Guatemala #2

Patti Kienitz, Ellie Girage, Elise Reiff, and Kim Thompson | Nov 29, 2017

A Culture of Grit What a privilege it is to serve the Lord in Guatemala! Our team was blessed with a much needed night's rest...we were exhausted! As expected breakfast was tasty, but we were surprised that Dr. Alb's devotional tied in so well to our theme of Grit. He spoke about... |MORE|

Teachers in Guatemala #1

Patti Kienitz, Ellie Girage, Elise Reiff, and Kim Thompson | Nov 28, 2017

Thanks be to God Our journey to Guatemala began early Sunday morning. After a comfortable flight, we found ourselves amidst volcanoes, bright blue sky, and 70 degree weather! Dr. Alberto Garcia, part of the Medical Missions Ministry team, greeted us warmly and drove us to Dr. Alb's compound... |MORE|

Lessons In Ireland

Lori Allison | Nov 14, 2017

I planned to go on this journey to Ireland and help with the arts and crafts. I can glue stuff to stuff and love on kids, right? But then another opportunity presented itself. I could do Fitness with the kids. Hmmm. Some of you reading this may not know me, so let me just say, looking at me you... |MORE|

Tanzania 7/20 - 8/1 In Review

Tanzania Team | Aug 01, 2017

  Today has already gotten off to a GREAT start. One of our team members, Haley, who is in charge of our painting has had her heart touched by one of the local men. John was helping Haley paint the wall yesterday and made sure she had everything she... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 Update

Dave Burgess | Jul 31, 2017

They say the days in Tanzania are long, but the weeks are short.  We have been very busy…Too much to recount here, but suffice it to say that we have been overwhelmed by the joy of the Tanzanian people.  Once you jump into the day, it is a blur until after you’ve eaten and... |MORE|

Guatemala 7/22-29 Webb/Schuler team

Webb/Schuler team | Jul 29, 2017

Saturday: We were really tired and thankfully we did not have to do much and just chill. It was a great trip from the airport to the MMM center. It is beautiful out here in Guatemala and we are looking forward to more. Sunday: Sunday was fun. We went to the church here in Guatemala. The... |MORE|

Guatemala Blogging:) #2

Joseph Kim | Jul 23, 2017

Today our group got to go to a guatemalan church and it was amazing. The people there were singing american songs that were translated into spanish and even started praying for our week in guatemala. We had little earphones that translated the sermon into English and we learned about how... |MORE|

Guatemala Blogging:) #1

Joseph Kim | Jul 22, 2017

After about a three hour airplane ride, we finally made it to Guatemala. BUT it was NOT EASY getting here. During the process random people from our group got pulled over at security for random reasons and even got three never used bug spray and one lotion taken away but hopefully it gets... |MORE|

First Amazing and Blessed Trip to Guatemala

Robert Dickinson | Jul 19, 2017

For those of you who have been wondering and asking about my recent trip to Guatemala, here goes: It was an amazing couple of days. There were four of us comprising a team that would teach people, burgeoning entrepreneurs, how to launch a business concept that each brought to us. This is a... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Sunday and Home!

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 11, 2017

Sweet friends, supporters and prayer team,   We are home!   THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!   Sunday morning began with worship at Vineyard Church in Arusha with believers from all parts of the world! We know of at least Africans, South Koreans... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Thursday and Friday, Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 06, 2017

Thursday was spent finishing up projects, working in the classrooms and preparing for the end of our visit. The teachers are excited about what they have learned and are doing a great job implementing it in their classrooms. Unexpectedly, the government had a holiday on Friday. Yes...... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 06, 2017

What a wonderful day! It was determined that it was a day or organization, augmentation and facilitation; gathering the pieces together to see the big picture!   The day began with the most exuberant time of worship with the elementary students, and a time of recognition of their... |MORE|

TANZANIA 2017 - Tuesday Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 05, 2017

Today was another really wonderful day in the village… again! We all enjoyed watching the teachers doing math with their children and seeing both the teachers and the children enjoying learning! The teachers are doing a great job… they have understood and are applying the concepts... |MORE|

TANZANIA 2017 - Monday Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 04, 2017

The kids are back in town! Lots of them… and it's wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed our week with the teachers, but it is a delight to hear the sounds of children’s voices all over the campus, and to see their sweet smiles and faces!   Morning devotions are... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Saturday and Sunday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 01, 2017

This weekend was filled with widows, sponsored children, visits, worship… and stunningly beautiful views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru at every turn! The sky was clear and we were graced with perfect views of both mountains. Each night our hearts and minds have been full to overflowing.... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Friday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 30, 2017

After a long week of learning we were all ready for a fun Friday! Instead of the typical seminars, we showed some videos of teaching in Perimeter School classrooms, played with manipulatives to discover how they can be used for learning, talked through resources and lesson plans for next... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Thursday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 29, 2017

Once again, we started off the day at worship and devotions with the teachers. The time consists of a brief discussion in the Word of God, prayer and the most beautiful singing you could ever hear (most of which is done in Swahili). One line of a song which we could translate, was “Karibu... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 28, 2017

After a better with all the teachers in the morning, and the topic has been Math all week. It was unanimous among our team and the Tanzanian teachers, that we ALL want to go back to school and learn math in this new and exciting way! After a time of playing a game to practice multiplication... |MORE|

Tanzania 2017 - Monday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 26, 2017

We are here all 8 of us all 24 of our suitcases and we are all well! Bwana Asifiwe! The praise belongs to the Lord!) Our first miracle occurred before we left the curb at the airport in Atlanta when all of our stuff was approved to go. The second occurred when we retrieved all of our bags from... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #7

Katie Gonzalez | Jun 23, 2017

What an amazing week this has been! Each day half of our team headed to Mana de Vida, a school for impoverished children in the town of Escuintla. The other half of the team would head to a rural community to assist with a medical clinic.   The children at Mana de Vida are all coming... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #6

Joel Eaby | Jun 22, 2017

Today I was scheduled along with my daughter Elisabeth to go with the team to set up a mobile medical clinic in a village about an hour away. As we were getting ready to leave it was announced that we needed to take one more vehicle and that a driver, any driver, was needed. I wasn’t sure... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #5

Johnna Stein | Jun 21, 2017

Every day our team gathers at 7:00 AM for Dr. Hermann Alb’s hour-long morning devotions. He's been teaching us about the difference between being on a mission trip vs. going on a date with Jesus. Hermann explained how we have been invited on this mission trip to partner with Jesus. He asks us... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #4

Tony Gonzalez | Jun 20, 2017

Team Alpha, my part of the serving team, had day at a Medical Missions Ministry (MMM) Clinic medical clinic at Loma Linda on Monday. What a beautiful day we had and what a gift for us to have the opportunity to meet the people of Loma Linda. Loma- meaning the top of the mountain; and Linda-... |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #3

Jack Baird | Jun 18, 2017

The start of our first full day in Guatemala felt kind of like the first day of a new school year as 6:15 AM alarm clocks blared and a group of tired people loaded into a bus around 7:00 in the morning. Thankfully, the bus was filled with enthusiasm and a pervasive feeling of excitement for the eventful day and week ahead. The first order of business was the early service at the local church; in Guatemala, early means EARLY. The 8:00 AM start time seemed completely natural for the energetic and wonderful worship team at the church who blew us away with not only their vocals, but also their intense air guitars. In addition, the video-streamed pastor gave an extremely well thought-out and witty sermon about the true meaning of being a father, even though most of the humor was lost in translation. Overall, the church service was a big success and great experience for the group. |MORE|

Guatemala June 2017 #2

Yazmine B. | Jun 17, 2017

I imagine everyone on this trip was both excited and nervous. The entire Guatemala team was told to be at the airport at 3:30 PM. Unexpected Atlanta traffic was causing a delay in the arrival times of some families (who were too awesome to leave behind). Thankfully everyone arrived on time to catch our 6:35 PM flight. The group leaders rushed to the bag check in line, only to find out most of the bags were qualified for FREE check-in. We then rushed through security, where some bags were searched because of a very suspicious looking tube of toothpaste. |MORE|

Guatemala Bound Again!

D'Ann Renner | Jun 16, 2017

On the eve of another trip to the land of eternal spring, I stop to ask myself, "why do I do this, year after year?" After all, there are plenty of needy people in the United States, here in Georgia, in fact. I wouldn't have to worry about terrorist, Zika-bearing mosquitos,... |MORE|

Guatemala #5

Guatemala Team | Jun 25, 2016

One time I saw God work at in Guatemala this week Susan: How effectively our team worked together and loved one another   Dr. David: People impacted by the morning devotional time   Jocelyn: In the joy and in the gratitude of the children at... |MORE|

Guatemala #4

Guatemala Team | Jun 24, 2016

The most unusual thing I have seen in Guatemala this week   Susan: The women’s clothing and tire store Dr. David: The extreme poverty   Jocelyn: A newborn, a one-year-old, and a three-year-old squished between their parents riding on a... |MORE|

Guatemala #3

Susan Sheffield and Tracy Baird | Jun 23, 2016

Each morning Monday through Thursday we started the day with team devotions. On Monday Dr. Alb exhorted those of us who were not sure of our relationship with God or were not feeling connected to Him to pray four prayers. He told us to petition God, “Allure me,” “Speak to... |MORE|

Guatemala #2

Susan Sheffield and Tracy Baird | Jun 22, 2016

On Sunday morning we departed at 7 am to worship at Vida Real Church. The service was vibrant and engaging, including a talented band and colorful lighting effects. The service was conducted mostly in Spanish, but our team had access to live translation through radio headsets. The sermon series... |MORE|

Guatemala #1

Susan Sheffield and Tracy Baird | Jun 20, 2016

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit…"  Zechariah 4:6b   Starting at 6:30 am on Saturday, our team loaded cars and caravanned to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport with almost 60 bags in tow. Our abundance of luggage contained donated supplies... |MORE|

Belarus - June 18

Randy Schlichting | Jun 18, 2016

It may have been the most powerful moment of the trip. As Pearl shared we had communion with Him and one another. I won't share the details of it because in some sense they don't matter but what I can share is that the people you supported have been changed in a significant way. They... |MORE|

Belarus - June 17

Randy Schlichting | Jun 17, 2016

Early morning departure from Stolin. A lot of emotion was expressed as we said goodbye. Families have really connected with our team. Some of the families are nominal orthodox. So I think they saw a new type of Christianity. To paraphrase, their lives are compartmentalized: education here, music... |MORE|

Belarus - June 15 and 16

Randy Schlichting | Jun 16, 2016

June 15 - Our team devotion this morning was Jesus calming the waves. He can do that for us. He is also the one who sometimes kicks up the wind and waves so we run to Him.  We processed a bit further into the field of death experience we had yesterday. Our team was moved. Some could... |MORE|

Belarus - June 13 and 14

Randy Schlichting | Jun 14, 2016

June 13th - They danced. They sang. They played instruments. Traditional Belorussian folk dance. Belorussian folk music. Belorussian hip hop?   We did too. The Beatles "Help!" and Justin Timberlake. An original by Colin Baxter. It was not a battle of the bands. We... |MORE|

Blog #2 for Belarus...

Randy Schlichting | Jun 12, 2016

We spent some team time Sunday afternoon processing our first 24 hours and then we prepared to go to the 6:00 PM service at church. Many on the team had been uncomfortable about staying in homes. All gave a positive report of interaction with their hosts and feel blessed and that it is a... |MORE|

Belarus - June 11

Randy Schlichting | Jun 11, 2016

We worship Him today! Ahead of you...and with you! It is 9:00 AM here. The team had a long trek yesterday but we were warmly greeted by Belarusian friends. Two by two they went off to stay in homes. A bit scary for some but the Lord blessed. All had English translators or Google translate.... |MORE|

Perimeter ELF Team 2016 #3 - The Bookstore

Frances Hoyt | Jun 01, 2016

I was filled with joy as ELF participants crowded into the ELF "bookstore", carefully examining and purchasing books that will become precious to them – resources critical for their personal growth and for their ministry growth.     Great Books... |MORE|

Perimeter ELF Team 2016 #2

Bob Christensen | May 31, 2016

As we said earlier, our volunteer team had many roles at ELF. Rather than try to explain the tasks we performed, I thought I would share what we observed and what we learned.   Team Reflections "All the people were here to learn and of course to worship. Very... |MORE|

Perimeter European Leadership Forum (ELF) Team 2016

Bob Christensen | May 23, 2016

Our team has the wonderful privilege to serve as volunteers at the European Leadership Forum 2016 in Wisla, Poland, May 18-27. (Read more about it here )         The team includes Bob, Dwight, Virginia, Jim (team leader),... |MORE|

Tanzania - Update #3

Wendy, for a grateful team | Mar 31, 2016

Today was AMAZING!!!   Wednesdays always begin with Chapel at PUNCHMI school.  It is not to be missed, and we didn't! Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for of such is the kingdom of God." Worship is led by the children ...... |MORE|

Tanzania - Update #2

The Team in Tanzania | Mar 30, 2016

Today began in the village with morning worship which is always wonderful and inspiring! Walking up to the school, the air is filled with voices  children singing and drums playing ... clapping and praying and dancing! They sing with joy and enthusiasm which reminded us all of the reason we... |MORE|

Tanzania - Update #1

Wendy for the team | Mar 29, 2016 we are in Karanse!  It was a long circuitous journey to get here, but we're here now!  It all started with the compressor on our plane in Atlanta...  a plane swap and a 3 hour delay... missing our one flight per delay connection to Tanzania and an overnight in... |MORE|

Guatemala - Sunday Sabbath - Day 2

Tracy (for the team) | Oct 21, 2015

On Sunday morning our team attended church at Vida Real Iglesia Christiana - Punto Escuintla. This location of Vida Real meets on the campus of Mana de Vida (I'm excited to share more on Mana de Vida in my next post!) I've had the opportunity to worship God at church services in... |MORE|

Guatemala Day 1

Guatemala Team | Oct 20, 2015

  Atlanta ---> Guatemala   Five of the six women on our mission team departed from Atlanta mid-morning on Saturday, while the sixth had already headed out on an early morning flight. Pictured from left to right are D'Ann, TG, Johnna, Tracy, and... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Post #3

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 23, 2015

Monday was day one of the medical clinic. We started bright and early and saw over half of our students.  We worked so well as a team you'd never know that some of us had never met.   It was great to see Daktari Chuck love on the students and make them feel so... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Post #2

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 20, 2015

Today the team attended church at Pastor W's.   It was great to worship with our Tanzanian's brothers and sisters.  We didn't understand what they were staying and vice versa, but being in the body of Christ it didn't matter.  Bwana Asifiwe.  ... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Post #1

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 19, 2015

Here is the team's blog.  They are doing great.  Today was focused on meeting their sponsor children.  Lots of great stories:   Chuck - High:  Meeting my four sponsor kids.  I lost it when I met Upendo.  Hearing her story made it more... |MORE|

Ireland Team - July 21, 2015

Ireland Team | Jul 21, 2015

New Beginnings Our journey began in a place where the awe-inspiring creativity of the father is not only reflected in the hearts and souls of the Irish, but the bliss of the scenic atmosphere. Every gently rolling hill and serene valley speckled with swaying violets teems with the rumbling... |MORE|

Guatemala - June 14, 2015

Guatemala Team | Jun 14, 2015

Day 2   The air was filled with praise music when we arrived at Vida Real' main worship service. The overall theme "Open up Your Doors; The King Is Coming" set a wonderful tone for our upcoming days in Medical Missions Ministry's traveling Clinics in the... |MORE|

Guatemala MMM and Mana de Vida

| Jun 08, 2015

One of our Guatemala GO Journey participants put together this video from participants' photos.       |MORE|

Tanzania - June 4, 2015

Tanzania Team | Jun 04, 2015

Hi all! We were all very sad to leave the village today. Here's a recap of what happened Tuesday and Wednesday:   On Tuesday morning, we had the privilege of opening sponsor gifts with the children. As a first timer, let me tell you it is one of the... |MORE|

Tanzania - June 2, 2015

Wendy for the team | Jun 02, 2015

Today was our first "school day" in the village ... and it was a great one! |MORE|

Tanzania - June 1, 2015

Tanzania Team | Jun 01, 2015

Still no electricity.... Day two: We started off the morning with some car troubles. The Taylors' car wouldn't start, but we jumped it with a stripped wire (only in Africa)! We did get to church though. The youth were taken out and were the speakers for the youth service.... |MORE|

Guatemala MDV - May 31, 2015

Priya Mellott | May 31, 2015

Our Guatemala MDV team arrived safely yesterday afternoon! Since then we have been adjusting and having a great time getting to know each other. Today we had a wonderful day in Antigua at the Spanish church! |MORE|

Tanzania - May 31, 2015

Tanzania Team | May 31, 2015

The team is without electricity where they are staying. Fortunately, the missionaries have it!   Here is what they have to tell us about their journey so far: Hello all! We have arrived safely in the village. We have not had wifi so this is our first blog post: We arrived Friday... |MORE|

Story from GO Journey Tanzania

GO Journey Tanzania | May 28, 2015

We made it to the gate! 22 bags are checked; 1,100 pounds of supplies for the school we're going to are on its way. We will have a 9 hr flight to Amsterdam and then a 9 hr flight to Tanzania. Please pray for safety on the flight and that all our bags make it there okay. |MORE|

Guatemala BPI

Shower of Grace | May 20, 2015

Recently a team of business people went to Guatemala to help conduct classes for entrepreneurs who want to grow Kingdom businesses. They worked closely with our partners at Showers of Grace and Vida Real Churches. This is an email from one of them at Showers of Grace:   Dear... |MORE|

East Asia Team Recap

East Asia Team | Mar 02, 2015

A recap ... things went well for the entire trip ... planes on time, no lost luggage. Great team unity and trying to out serve one another ... the little ones we cared for were delightful ... we learned many new skills including changing colostomy bags, using feeding machines... |MORE|

East Asia Team - February 23, 2015

East Asia Team | Feb 23, 2015

The East Asia team has settled into a routine and enjoying their time together. Great fellowship and we all know we are right where we need to be. We finish work on Tuesday night the 24th and head home Wednesday morning. Can't wait to share stories. Jules |MORE|

East Asia Team - February 16, 2015

East Asia Team | Feb 16, 2015

The East Asia team has arrived safely and in good health! They spent the first two days in training and are now working their 12 hour shifts to help the infants in the orphanage. The team is getting on well. God stories are already happening that are already changing the hearts of team members. |MORE|

Guatemala - Friday in Pictures

Bill Sandman | Jan 09, 2015

On our way to Mana de Vida School in Escuintla, we witnessed the Fuego volcano erupting. Wait, is that James Bond???        The Mana de Vida students in grades pre K - 3 performed a song for us and then prayed for us.  ... |MORE|

Guatemala - Thursday in Pictures

Bill Sandman | Jan 08, 2015

On Thursday we visited the school at Xetzitzi. Principal Irma desperately wanted to speak to Bill eye to eye, so of course as teachers we were able to accommodate!      The community of Xetzitzi sent the mayor, his council,... |MORE|

Guatemala - Wednesday in Pictures

Bill Sandman | Jan 07, 2015

Today, Michelle led the session on learning stations.  Here she is reading aloud Runaway Bunny.   The teachers participated in learning stations in order to know how to implement them in their classrooms.   The teachers received... |MORE|

Guatemala - Tuesday in Pictures

Bill Sandman | Jan 06, 2015

Robin got us started Tuesday morning with a conga line before she taught the teachers how to reinforce math skills with math games. These teachers are playing "Quiz, quiz, trade" to practice their math skills. Kim facilitated... |MORE|

Guatemala - Monday in pictures ...

Bill Sandman | Jan 05, 2015

Eileen opened the conference today with a seminar on classroom management.     Bill shared the importance of exercise and took the teachers outside with jump ropes to practice what they learned. Patti led a session where she shared ways to... |MORE|

Story from PCS Teacher Guatemala Team

PCS Teacher Guatemala Team | Jan 04, 2015

We landed safe and sound in Guatemala City on Saturday afternoon! Today we worshipped at Vida Real in Antigua. Afterward we had the joy of a great lunch and gazing at some of God' s most beautiful creation! We are now at the Ministry Center preparing to meet 50 Guatemalan teachers... |MORE|

A Final Message from Dr. Varghese

Jake Varghese | Nov 10, 2014

Dear Friends,   Note: this final update was written after I returned, so that I could add a link for photos.   Thursday we went Nagpur - started the day with a meeting with the Ladies ministry team - they normally go into the slums and teach the women about... |MORE|

God continues to bless this Medical Mission trip!

Jake Varghese | Nov 03, 2014

Dear Friends,   So after a busy day in Rohana, we expected the next day (Tuesday) to be much more relaxed. The clinic was at the Wardha Ministry Center, and about about 40-50 church members were expected. We were able to set up in a more organized way, and rather than a crowd, it... |MORE|

Doctor serves patients' hearts as well as their bodies

Jake Varghese | Oct 30, 2014

After arriving in Nagpur on Sunday, I went to Warda. We picked up the first batch of meds and began to categorize them.   Monday morning we went to a pharmacy to pick up more meds - the main things we got were meds for  --cough / cold / congestion (cough syrup in... |MORE|

Christian Camp in Poland

Lori Allison | Sep 08, 2014

A couple of years ago I had the opportuntity to lead a team to Poland. We worked all around a small country village and in the Christian camp that was there in Ostroda, Poland. Our team did all kinds of clean up, repairs to homes/apartments, and LOTS of playing with the kids that came from the... |MORE|

GO Journey to Tanzania

Frances | Sep 06, 2014

I went to Tanzania with my 2 daughters and it was a special time. It was awesome to see God at work in all of us and our team. The spiritual warfare abounded but we started each day "putting on our armor" and God met us exactly where we were ... What a great way for our children to see... |MORE|