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2 Year Residency

Interested in Student Ministry? The Junior and Senior High Staff at Perimeter Church are accepting applications for two-year residents to begin in August 2018. There's a great chance you already have some fantastic options lined up for the next 730 days of your life, but why not check us out?


Why Perimeter?
Jhi 2-Year Discipleship Job Description
Jhi 2-Year BRICKS Job Description
Watershed 2-Year Resident Job Description
Resident Application

10-Week Summer Internship

For those of you who either aren't graduating or aren't looking for a two year commitment, we also offer multiple summer internships in Jr. and Sr. High as well. These are a ten-week immersion in practical youth ministry, and they allow you to experience a little bit of everything that goes on in our ministry. 


Jhi Summer Internship Job Description
Watershed Summer Internship Job Description
Summer Internship Application


We will start accepting applications for next Summer starting in January.


Email ashleyb@perimeter.org with any additional questions and current openings!