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Our Vision + Mission

Our vision is to see individuals, families, greater Atlanta and the world come into a life-transforming encounter with the kingdom of God.

As followers of Jesus — or disciples — we live through the power of the Holy Spirit to carry His good news into the world and advance His kingdom.

Our mission is to be a radically dependent people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, trusting God for what only He can do in making kingdom disciples who make kingdom disciples.

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We are committed to a lifestyle of faithful worship, both personally and corporately. We value worshipping together as the gathered body of Christ, when we focus our hearts and minds on who God is and what He's done.

Perimeter Worship

Our Values

What We Do

We are committed to a lifestyle of faithful worship in our personal disciplines and corporate expressions.

We are a people of invitation, seeking to make Perimeter Church a place where people are welcomed, wanted, noticed, and needed.

We are devoted to becoming mature and equipped followers of Jesus as our hearts and minds are renewed through His Word.

We are passionate about the mission of God to serve individuals and communities through word and action, all in the love of Christ.

Our Values

Who We Are

Indiscriminate love regardless of socio-economics or ethnicity

Consistency in every aspect of our lives, in public and private

Living by faith in Christ and faith-oriented goals in an environment of innovation

Speaking and living in accordance with the Truth, regardless of consequences

Get To Know Our Team

Our Executive Leadership Team (we call them the ELT) leads our church staff and volunteers in the pursuit of our vision and mission at Perimeter Church. Together they represent and oversee the many different ministries of our church. Click the Staff Directory button below to get to know the rest of our staff.

Jeff Norris

Pastor Jeff Norris

Lead Teacher and Directional Leader

Eric Ryan

Pastor Eric Ryan

Executive Pastor

Stacey Earnest

Stacey Earnest

Executive Director of Operations

Laura Elvington

Laura Elvington

Executive Director of Worship Environments and Resources

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim

Executive Director of Family Transformation

Stephen Ready

Stephen Ready

Executive Director of Leadership Development

Chip Sweney

Pastor Chip Sweney

Executive Director of Greater Atlanta and Global Transformation

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