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Digging Deeper Podcast

Digging Deeper is a podcast by Perimeter Church that explores present-day topics with a biblical perspective, hosted by Jeff Norris and Laura Story Elvington, featuring special guests.

Spring 2024


We look at what it means to believe in the Christian faith, with a great reminder that belief is something we hold to, but it is also God holding on to us.

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January 2024


Pastor Jeff Norris, Laura Story Elvington and guests navigate through different topics like loss, anxiety and an unforeseen future. Our hope is that this series is a reminder that Christ sustains us in all seasons.

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Fall 2023

Love Rules

In Love Rules, we have conversations with some of the leading voices in the evangelical world to discuss how the ten commandments affect our modern-day lives.

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Summer 2023

Mini Series: A Gospel Thread in the Digital Labyrinth

We continue conversations from the “Faith And” series of episodes, diving into the topics of faith and technology.

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Spring 2023

Faith And

Some of the leading voices in the evangelical world join Senior Pastor Jeff Norris and Laura Story Elvington to discuss what does it look like for Christians to integrate our faith in every aspect of our lives?

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