Chapel Guidelines

Day Chapel

  • All decorations are the responsibility of the wedding party to set up and take down. Any borrowed items must be put away. Any relocation of furniture must be approved and returned to its original location. All decorations must be removed immediately following the wedding service.
  • Nails, tacks, staples, screws, pins, tape or anything that will mar the woodwork, pews and wall finishes may not be used. Any pew decorations must be tied on or draped over the pew. No candles may be used on the aisles.
  • Dripless candles are required in all candelabras on the stage. Any pillar candles must be on a plate and encased.
  • No glitter can be used as part of the decorations for the wedding or reception.
  • Silk rose petals are limited to those dropped by the flower girl. No petals from live flowers may be used.
  • No decorations may be hung on the entrance or interior doors. 
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served at the reception or allowed on the church premises.
  • No smoking is allowed in any of the Church facilities.
  • As the bride and groom leave the church, we allow bubbles, birdseed and rose petals to be thrown outside the church only. Sparklers and rice are not allowed.
  • All flowers, food, dance floors, and personal items must be removed immediately following the wedding and reception.
  • The church cannot be responsible for liable for personal items such as dresses, wraps, purses, silver, glassware or cameras that are brought into the church for use in a wedding or reception.
  • We are not able to offer nursery care for weddings.

Founders' Chapel

  • The Founders' Chapel may only be reserved by a member of Perimeter Church
  • The Founders' Chapel may be reserved for a wedding six months in advance.
  • You may reserve the Founder’s Chapel for a vow renewal six months in advance.
  • The seating capacity in the Founder’s Chapel is approximately 50.
  • There will be no Sunday weddings in either the Day Chapel or the Founders' Chapel.
  • We will only reserve one wedding per day in either the Day Chapel or the Founders' Chapel.  We will not reserve times for weddings in both venues on the same day.
  • A member may reserve time for a reception for a wedding at the Founders' Chapel that will take place in the Ministry Center.  The fee for a reception in the Ministry Center is $250.  No outdoor receptions may take place anywhere else on the grounds.
  • The Founders' Chapel may only be reserved "as is".  We will not provide technical services, additional seating, tables, etc.  The wedding party may bring a small microphone system, if desired.
  • In the event there is inclement weather the day of the wedding, the wedding may be moved into the Day Chapel, but no technical services can be provided in the Day Chapel.
  • The restrooms on the bottom floor of Building C may be used for events at the Founders' Chapel.  These may be accessed through the doors at the Outdoor Patio.