Weddings at Perimeter Church

Perimeter Church desires wedding ceremonies to be a Christ-centered service of worship that is one of the happiest and most sacred memories of your life.  The policies on this site are designed to protect the sanctity of the ceremony, while providing logistical understandings to make your wedding a celebration of two lives that God has brought together. We hope that the following guidelines will help you as you make your plans.


Perimeter Church may be available for weddings (in prioritized order) when:   


1. Both parties are current members of Perimeter Church.                                       

2. One party (either groom or bride) is a current member of Perimeter Church.  The other party must be a member in good standing of a Bible believing Christian church.        

3. One party is the child or grandchild of a current member of Perimeter Church.  Both parties must be a member in good standing of a Bible believing Christian church.           

4. One party is a member of another PCA Church or a daughter church of Perimeter Church.  The other party must be a member in good standing of a Bible believing Christian church.   


Most weddings are performed by a minister of Perimeter Church. It is your responsibility to contact the minister of your choice. A pastor or minister from another Christian denomination may be permitted to perform the ceremony.  This must be approved through the Wedding Coordinator. 

Click here to e-mail our Wedding Coordinator.

Premarital Counseling

Perimeter offers Right Start, an excellent 9 week premarital counseling seminar. All engaged couples are required to complete Right Start or an equivalent program, approved through the Wedding Coordinator. For more details on Right Start, click here.


  • Cecil B. Day Chapel

    The Chapel was designed to become the "Crown Jewel" of the existing church campus. It is a traditional worship environment with exposed wood ceilings and paneling, cast stone and stained glass windows.  The seating capacity is 450.  Other items that are available for use include a baby grand piano, podium, microphones and other musical or tech needs as agreed upon.

  • Founders' Chapel

    The Founders' Chapel is a beautiful open air chapel located in a garden area on the grounds.  It is a stone structure with wooden pews, an exposed wood ceiling and small stage that has a beautiful door as a backdrop.  The seating capacity is 45.  

  • Ministry Center

    This is our reception space, which is located directly below the Chapel and provides access to a patio. The guest capacity is 450 for a standing reception; however, we recommend 240 guests (maximum) for a seated reception.  Set up and take down of our tables and chairs is included in your fee.  Round tables are 60” and seat 8 in our black padded chairs. Rectangular tables are 8'.  A spacious catering kitchen includes 2 refrigerators, warming unit, convection oven, ice machine, dishwasher, 2 microwaves, and 3 sinks. (All paper products, dish soap, sponges, towels, etc. must be provided by your caterer.)


  • Floral Room

    Located near the elevator in the Day Chapel, this room includes a sink, 2 flower coolers, and a small prep area.


  • Bride's Room

    A beautifully decorated room adjacent to the Day Chapel lobby is available for the bride to prepare for her wedding.  It is a lovely space to photograph as well.

  • Groom's Room

    A room for the groom and his attendants is provided for use on the wedding day.

  • Parking

    Adequate parking is available adjacent to the Day Chapel.