Student Ministries Podcast

The Student Ministries Podcast is a podcast hosted by members of the student ministries staff at Perimeter Church. We discuss the importance of engaging youth in the church and equip parents and leaders in how to love and serve teens well. 

Student Ministries Podcast

  • Ep8: Teens and the Bible

    Ep8: Teens and the Bible

    Kate Kim | Caleb Click | 2022-05-23
    How can the Bible be relevant to the next generation in a Postmodern society? Gen Z is living in a Post-Christian world. Pastor Caleb Click shares his experience in youth ministry and his thoughts on how we embrace this generation without fear and teach the Bible in a way that teens can relate to it.
  • Ep7: Talking with Discipleship Leaders

    Kate Kim | Kristen Reeves | Matt Heffner | 2022-05-16
    Hear two leaders' journeys through discipling high school students and the challenges they face in culture today with school pressure, friends and even sharing the gospel to an unbelieving world.
  • Ep6: Talking To Parents

    Kate Kim | Renee Imbesi | John and Virginia Moore | 2022-05-09
    Interview parents of kids at different ages. What have you learned? What has worked and what has not worked? What advice do you give to parents today?
  • Ep5: Modern Family

    Kate Kim | Jimmy Kim | Sarah Merrick | 2022-05-02
    How do we help families connect amid generational gaps? What is different about the family today than it was 20 years ago and how do we as a church point the family towards Christ? Practical tools on how to help families connect and be missional during a digital age and age of anxiety.
  • Ep4: Teens and Mental Health, Part Two

    Kate Kim | Jordan Yates | 2022-04-25
  • Ep3: Teens and Mental Health

    Kate Kim | Robbie Sherrill | 2022-04-18
  • Ep2: Gen Z and the Church

    Kate Kim | Emilio Hood | Davon Stack | Travis Nolan | 2022-04-11
  • Ep1: Back to the Basics

    Ep1: Back to the Basics

    Kate Kim | Emilio Hood | Davon Stack | Travis Nolan | 2022-04-05