Middle School Life Discipleship

2024-25 Small Groups Registration

We need every student to register so that we can plan leaders and groups accordingly. 

We have two different registration options:

  1. Rising 6th graders and brand-new students (have never been in a Middle School discipleship group)
  2. Rising 7th - 8th grade students who are returning Middle School discipleship group participants

If you were in a discipleship group last year and would like to discuss making a change, please register as a returning student and contact Travis Nolan. No changes will be made after Labor Day (September 2, 2024) unless there are extenuating circumstances.


Sundays, August - May

Sunday Schedule:

4:30 - 6:30 pm

The evening begins with a combination of games, worship, and teaching, all with the intention of setting up a discipleship group time led by an exceptional leader.

Get the App:

Our app features weekly curriculum available for review by leaders, students, and parents.

What Is Middle School Life?

Discipleship groups are for students who are exploring a faith of their own. A discipleship group is made up of 6-10 students and is led by amazing same gender adult leaders. Our leaders are the best part of what we do and we could not do ministry effectively without them. It is our passion to provide your student with exceptional leaders.

Jesus invested His life in the lives of a few men, the twelve disciples. He loved them, taught them God's Word, showed them how to share God with others, and encouraged them to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Based on this type of life-on-life relationship, Middle School discipleship groups challenge students to walk in a faith of their own. Students who participate in discipleship groups build strong friendships with each other and their leader(s) as they do life together. 

Showing up every week is vital for involvement in discipleship. The most enjoyable and most impactful discipleship experience grows out of consistency of relationships between the discipleship leader, students in the group, and the students' parents.  We want to foster good habits of attendance and teach students to value their d-group’s time.

I'd like to volunteer

If you are interested in leading a group or serving, fill out the Interest Form below.

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Discipleship Covenant


I will do my part to make my discipleship group the best it can be by ...

  • Being real
  • Building relationships with my leader and other group members
  • Being respectful to my leader and other group members
  • Showing up EVERY week



I agree to do my part by ...

  • Making my student's discipleship meeting a priority and ensuring that my student is present at every meeting (with reasonable exceptions such as illness, family obligation, or being out-of-town)
  • Building a relationship with my student's leader
  • Encouraging my student with the vision of discipleship, the value of discipleship in one's life, and training him/her how to be a faithful participant
  • Being willing to step in and sub for d-group leader if a sub cannot be provided is always appreciated (must be Ministry Safe)

Staff Contact

If you are interested in serving as a Discipleship Leader or helping with Discipleship, please contact

Travis Nolan

Middle School Discipleship Coordinator

Renee Imbesi

Student Ministries Coordinator