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Peachtree Corners Prayer: July 16

Impact Peachtree Corners will gather this Sunday from 5:00-6:00 PM. We will worship in song, do a brief devotion, and talk about upcoming City Impact initiatives. But mostly, we will pray! Let us pray together for where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there in our midst.

Meeting Instructions: TBD

Time: Sun, Jul 16 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Read Through the Bible with Others in 2023

Does reading through the bible as one unified story from beginning to end seem daunting to you? If that's something you've wanted to do but had concerns about sticking with it, join us beginning Jan 1 as we begin a daily Bible reading plan.

Meeting Instructions: We will meet twice a month and keep in touch on a regular basis to encourage one another on this journey.

Time: Sun, Dec 31 | 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Join the Neighborhood Meal Ministry Team

This is a new ministry opportunity to serve those in our community who would be blessed by having a prepared meal delivered to their home. The goal of this ministry is to provide temporary help for those who are sick or physically unable to prepare a meal, or to comfort those who are recently bereaved of a loved one. The scope of the ministry would be to serve members of our Perimeter Family as well our neighbors who we are seeking to minister to in word and deed.

If you know of a need for yourself or a neighbor please contact Cyndie Jackson.

Sign up  below if you would like to be on the team to occasionally prepare a meal to bless a family in need.

Referral for Members in Need
Do you know of a member in our Perimeter PTC family who is experiencing a financial hardship? If so this an opportunity to find out more about a special Deacon’s Fund that is set aside to specifically help our members in need. Please visit to get an overview of this ministry. A brief form is included on this website just below the overview to request assistance. Once a request is submitted, a deacon will be in contact with the member to determine how to help. You can also click below to have a deacon in Peachtree Corners contact you to answer any questions about this ministry.
Volunteer with Fully Furnished
Fully Furnished needs your help.  They have several serving opportunities offered at several days/times of the week.  To name a few:  picking up and/or delivering furniture - restoring furniture - organizing donations.   No experience necessary.  Great opportunities for families and small groups.  
Freezer Meals Ministry

This ministry is designed to meet the immediate needs of families in our church. The meals are distributed to families for a variety of reasons which include death or illness in the family, an urgent need for immediate food (while working with the deacons to provide additional resources), or another crisis. The meals are distributed by the Shepherdesses based on information they have from speaking with church members or that they receive from those concerned about a family. 

Please fill out the form and we contact you with information on meal preparation, recipes and a time to meet!