Discipleship Foundations

Jesus had a small group of students (disciples) that he trained so that one day they each would become disciple-makers - have their own disciples. The purpose was for the leader to multiply disciples. In the day, Jesus' last words: Go make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

Join our discipleship staff as they walk us through the scriptures to trace the One who modeled for us.

  • Why did Jesus select the men He did?
  • Why did He not select others?
  • How did He select them?
  • How can we select people today, like Jesus did then?



This is probably the most important aspect of discipling today. How do we select the "right" people? We will look at Jesus in the Scriptures.

  • What are we multiplying?
  • How and when should we multiply?
  • How to prepare someone to multiply?
  • When is the wrong time to multiply?



Jesus has commanded us to invest in others, to multiply so that they may go and do likewise. This is how we participate in advancing his Kingdom.