TFL classes are for Perimeter Church members who are interested in pursuing leadership positions within the church, i.e., discipleship group leader, prayer leader, marriage mentor, officer, etc.

Please note that faithful attendance is an important part of TFL. You can miss up to two classes but any more than two and you will have to retake the class at a later date to be considered as having completed it.

Upcoming Classes

Fall 2021 Class
9:00 AM, Sundays, Sep 26 - Dec 12
No class Nov 28, the Sunday following Thanksgiving Day 
In the Middle School Library (A3220)


As the name indicates, TFL is a class designed to prepare leaders for ministry and is a key component in our leadership development process. I know of no other training that we offer that excels this class in content and personal impact. If you have a sense that God is calling you to discover your personal ministry (Eph. 2:10), this class is your next best step in the preparation process.


TFL is offered several times a year. Unless otherwise noted they are large group co-ed format and run from 10 - 12 weeks. Check back often for updated schedules and offerings throughout the year.


TFL is a 10 - 12-week study in systematic theology using the Westminster Confession of Faith as the principal study resource. This class is offered several times a year - and is our primary equipping class for future leaders. It concludes with a final exam.

During the course, participants work through weekly assignments outlined in a student manual and read a number of books.

  • The Westminster Confession of Faith
  • The Covenant of Grace (Cummings)
  • The Five Points of Calvinism (Palmer)
  • PCA Book of Church Order
  • Summary of Christian Doctrine (Berkhof)

Along with these reading materials, there are audio resources included in-class participation. These resources may be purchased in the Perimeter Church bookstore, or are available on the TFL resources page. Once you register for a class you will get more specific information regarding resources.

During the class, we will cover all of the material, using interation and discussion, rather than lecture. It will not be a simple response to fill-in-the-blank questions. You can typically expect two and a half to three hours of preparation each week. As you can see by the books covered, the class will be rich and challenging. If you have an interest in preparing for leadership, or would like to better understand Perimeter's theological positions, this would be the class for you.

Classes are taught by a variety of our staff, pastors, and ruling elders. While most of our classes are coed, we also offer classes for women, only in the summer months.


In addition to the registration fee, you will be responsible for several resources. All of the resources are available in the Perimeter bookstore. The following resource will need to be purchased in the Perimeter bookstore, while others will be available for download online after you have registered for the class:

  • TFL Manual
  • The Five Points of Calvinism


If you have any questions about classes, please contact Bob Carter.

Pastor Bob Carter

Area Pastor and Staff Chaplain