Invite Others

into the life of our church this season

This year, maybe more than any other, we have an opportunity to introduce others to the love of Jesus. What a privilege it is that the Lord would entrust us to be His church and His ambassadors during this time. Here are some suggestions on ways you can invite others into the community of our church this season.

  • Host A Watch Party

    This Advent, people long to be safely in community with one another. Consider hosting a watch party with those in your circle. Together you could watch services live while they are live or on-demand any time after that. Combine that with lunch or a big breakfast and you have a recipe for a sweet time of fellowship and an opportunity to engage in spiritual conversations with those around you. If there are kids in your group, we also have craft ideas for you to use at home! This is a unique time to share “church” with people you care about who may not normally come to church in a building.

  • Ideas For Watch Parties

    Here are some ideas on services you could watch. Information on how to watch is found on our Home for Christmas webpage at

    Sunday Services - Our Advent series this year is all about who Jesus is. It would a great series to introduce someone to Jesus for the first time. We even have craft activities ideas ready for you. Find craft ideas on our preschool resources page.

    KQ Online KidsQuest is high energy worship and teaching available on-demand that kids love.

    Christmas Eve Candlelight Services – Christmas Eve is a great time to host a watch party and share the message of the gospel in your home. What a wonderful time to share beautiful music, a powerful gospel message, and our candle-lighting tradition. Let your home be a place where Jesus is celebrated and shared this season.

  • Invite Via Email

    Forward the Christmas Eve service information to family members or friends so they can be part of the Perimeter Christmas Eve service this season.

Graphics For You To Use

Right click on the images below to save and use them on social media to invite your friends and family.


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