KidsQuest is a high energy worship service designed for K - 5th graders (produced and led by kids, teens, and adults) who desire to experience God's message in very creative, exciting, and engaging ways. Our motto is to engage the imagination to give opportunity for transformation and each week brings with it new experiences and new ways for kids to learn God's exciting truths.  
We strongly emphasize engaging kids into worship which draws a child/audience into a fun message and allows them to become a part of the experience, as we believe kids will understand these truths within the context of the experience. This differs from entertaining as we do not desire our audience to sit and watch a particular offering. By engaging a child into worship through laughter, on stage illustrations, crowd activities, interactive messages and intentional media, we believe every kid and anyone attending will leave having a deeper knowledge and application of God's truths that relate to them personally.


KidsQuest is offered on demand as KQ Online. Each service is designed to engage our audience into the message and teaching in a way that connects with creativity, laughter, and excitement. Check it out at the top of this page.