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Church history has shown that revival and renewal in and through the church has most often come on the heels of crisis. This music was written as Perimeter’s prayer coming out of the pandemic as we ask the Lord to renew us, sustain and give His church everything we need to move us forward in faith for the Glory of His name.

This album, written and released for Perimeter Church's 45th anniversary, contains songs of gospel remembrance, repentance, worship, and declarations of who God is and His promises to His church.

We hope you are encouraged by this new music. Stream it today on your favorite music platform, or use the links below to listen.


Listen to our new self-titled album, Perimeter Worship.

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About Us

Perimeter Worship exists to lead the Perimeter Church body in corporate worship, and to produce music that reflects our values, theology and creativity 

... all for the glory of God.

Faithful, not famous.

Faithful, not famous.


God’s people, using God’s gifts, for God’s glory.