Discover Your Ministry


One final question you may be asking yourself is, “What additional factors equip me for ministry? What else is in my ‘service repertoire’?” God equips every believer in a special way for service. He has blessed each of His children the following ingredients for ministry: a unique personality, a particular developmental background, numerous talents, and certain spiritual gifts, all of which are to be directed by the power of the indwelling Christ.


Through a combination of all these factors, each Christian is uniquely equipped to perform certain ministries. In God’s plan, He has given each Christian certain natural talents and abilities, which are then combined with or transformed into spiritual gifts. Both natural talents and spiritual gifts in turn are then influenced by one’s life-experiences. The end result is that each Christian has unique capabilities for specific ministries.


A couple of examples will illustrate this principle. A mature believer who has the spiritual gifts of shepherd/teacher and natural skills in working with young people could become an excellent youth Bible study teacher. A Christian who loves to work with children, perhaps having been reared in a home with younger brothers and sisters, and furthermore, who has the gift of evangelism, would probably make an effective outreach leader in children’s ministry. Think of these components like this: