Multiple Gifts and Gift Combinations


God has given each believer one or more spiritual gifts to be used for ministry. In the New Testament, Paul stated in Romans 12:3 and Ephesians 4:7 that Christ gives each disciple a measure of spiritual gifts. This measure bestows multiple gifts upon individuals, this gift combination or gift-cluster or gift-mix equips the believer in a unique way for ministry. For example, one with the gift of evangelism would be effective in personal witnessing. But one who is gifted both in evangelism and leadership would be especially equipped to lead an evangelistic team or outreach ministry.


The only gift-blend mentioned specifically in the New Testament is the shepherd/teacher (Eph. 4:11). This gift-mix presumably referred to the dual roles assigned to the pastor in the early church, but this particular combination of gifts is vitally important for all kinds of Christian ministry. As churches grow
Basden-Johnson Spiritual Gift Analysis larger making it impossible for the pastor alone to shepherd, leaders are needed to shepherd small flocks within the church. Understandably, then, a Bible study teacher or small group minister who has the twin gifts of pastor and teacher will probably be effective at shepherding a small flock.


Numerous other gift combinations can be identified easily:

Teaching/Knowledge—a scholarly teacher
Faith/Leadership—a visionary leader
Discernment/Exhortation—a counselor with instinctive insight
Leadership/Administration—a leader who organizes well
Evangelism/Apostleship—a church planter, often in another culture
Exhortation/Hospitality—one who uses one’s home as a base for counseling
Evangelism/Faith/Leadership—a leader in outreach and church growth
Wisdom/Leadership—a leader who effectively places people in areas of service
Prophecy/Evangelism—a vocational evangelist, a lay evangelist
Mercy/Hospitality—one who uses one’s home to care for the distressed or neglected
Evangelism/Music—one who ministers through music to those who are lost without Christ
Teaching/Leadership—one who guides others by communicating biblical principles
Faith/Apostleship—a missionary who attempts great things for God
Serving/Administration—a detailed organizer
Discernment/Knowledge—one who studies Christianity’s counterfeits or opponents
Intercession/Faith—a prayer warrior
Mercy/Serving—a compassionate helper
Giving/Faith—a sacrificial steward