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"Prayer is the greater work..." - Oswald Chambers

Trusting God to do what only He can.

Prayer is such an important ministry of Perimeter and a central part of who we are as a church body. Whether you are a prayer warrior or prayer beginner, you’re invited to be a part of the strong, growing number of believers gathering together weekly and monthly at Perimeter to seek the Lord together.

Prayer Wall

Share your prayer requests and let others know you are praying for them.

Tuesday Night Prayer

Worship and pray together on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm in the Prayer Room.

City Prayer

Pray with and for your city.

Prayer Resources

Use these prayer resources to help you grow in your prayer life.

Congregation Prayers

See ways to pray for births and new marriages in our congregation.

Pastoral Care

Request prayer or a visit from a pastor if you have an upcoming medical procedure or diagnosis.

Prayer Resources

Use the featured resources below to aid in growing your prayer life.

Prayer Walk Your School

Download this resource to guide you in conducting a prayer walk.

Pray For Your Community

Download this resource to guide you in ways to pray for your specific community.

Message: Prayer Walking

Listen to elder Larry Smith share about Prayer Walking.

40 Days of Prayer Journal: Forward

Use the prayer journal to move forward in humble dependence on God.

40 Days of Prayer Journal: Radical Renewal

Use this prayer journal to move forward in humble dependence on God.


A helpful explanation of what the Bible says about fasting.

Message: Fasting

Randy Pope shares about this element of one's prayer life.

Book: How To Pray After You've Kicked The Dog, by Terry Teykl

Often, we make prayer harder than it was meant to be. This book is about recognizing the truth and letting the truth set you free.

Book: All is Calm, by Randy Schlichting and Amy Shirley

A daily devotional from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Sermon Series: Rooted

A Lifestyle of Radical Dependence

Watch the 8-part teaching series by senior pastor Jeff Norris and teaching team member Caleb Click.

Watch Series

Sermon Series: Ready, Aim, Pray

Founding pastor Randy Pope walks through the Lord’s Prayer.

Watch Series

Pray for our members

Congregation Prayers

If you have an announcement such as a birth, passing of a loved one or chronic illness that you would like shared, please email us. You can also share your prayer requests online on our Prayer Wall.



January 11—Melda, born to Dana and Luke Simpson

January 4—Decland and Ryland, born to Bethany and Isacc Phillips



December 24—Emma, born to Anna and Noah McCutcheon

December 8—Abagail “Abby”, born to Jenna and Evan Hecht

December 3—Perry, born to Kate and Kyle Potts

October 8—Cornelia “Corrie”, born to Carol Ann and Steven Peake

September 24—Riley Lynn, born to Lindsey and Tony King

August 13—Maxon “Max”, born to Rebecca and Tyler Coffee

July 6—Leila, born to Josh and Christina King

May 15—Alan John, born to Sheryl and David Gallmeier

April 22—Tiago, born to Ly and Estevao Medeiros

April 17—Margaret Grace “Maggie”, born to Ashley and Scott Hamilton

April 17—Josephine Rae, born to Makaila and Lee Hite

March 23—William Lee, born to Barbara and Ben Stubbs

March 14—Calvin Leonard, born to Krystalyn and Justin Stow

Godly Marriages


December 9—Rebecca Tejeda and Griffin Pifer

October 21—Hannah Byrd and Jesse Hicks

October 20—Kayla Williams and Stefan Kranenburg

September 9—Kate Kim and Danny Lee

July 22—Katie Failor and Isaac Vadavana

May 19—Lindsey Furman and Casey Murphy

May 6—Catelin Passino and Leo Kim

April 29—Hannah Cook and Preston Albertine

April 22—Emily Rosser and Marshall Hazelett

April 15—Maria Barber and Cameron Bible

March 25—Jing Lin and Simon Li

March 11—Miranda LaTourette and Chris Merkel

March 4—Mia Connell and Jonathan Fry

January 7—Lillie Moragne and Evan Eastabrook