Middle School


This is a ministry specifically for middle school students where they CONNECT with peers and adult leaders, GROW in a faith in Jesus all their own and SERVE the greater kingdom of God! We do this through our three amazing environments designed especially for them: LINK, LIFE, and LEAD. 

Check out all our Middle School events that are coming this year.

Invite your middle school friends from your neighborhood, school and sports teams to connect at Link, a fun and engaging once-a-month event!    

Come join us weekly as we Grow in our relationship with God through discipleship groups, retreats, and more!

Jump in and serve with Middle School through Servant Leadership training and opportunities to use your gifts, interests, and talents for God’s glory. 

Middle School Retreats

We have two out-of-town retreats per year (Fall Retreat and Surge) along with Missions Week (June) and RUSH Conference (July). Join these very intentional community-building events designed to help students foster relationships and enjoy time without life distractions where they can focus on learning more about Jesus. 

Adult Serving Opportunities

We have great opportunities for adults to serve in the Middle School Ministry! Developmentally, we’re working with students who are asking big questions: "Who am I? Do I belong? Do I have anything significant to contribute?" Come serve with our amazing community of leaders. 

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