We want to be involved in the lives of students starting from the earliest stages of life all the way to adulthood. Not only do we want to support their needs as they start off the school year but we want to provide continual care and support throughout the entire year as well. We are passionate about early childhood development that will lay a foundation for the rest of their lives. When we walk with children from the beginning to provide developmental support we are impacting not only their immediate needs but we are also impacting them in a way that extends into their future. 


We want to see children thrive at every age and grow into individuals who will invest in their community and live healthy flourishing lives. 


Throughout the summer you can find ways to serve children when they are out of school through the opportunities listed in this summer serving guide. There are bookmobiles, summer lunch programs, summer camps, VBS, summer school programs and so many ways to make an impact this summer. Or help us get critically needed items into the classrooms and into homes of children so they can be set up for success.



There are many items that children need to be prepared as they begin a new school year and some of the most important ones are items you don’t even think of. Clean out your bookshelves and invite your friends to join you. We’d love to donate children’s books to all our partnering schools, and get them into the hands of kids so they have the opportunity to read at home. You can also host a back to school supply drive and collect school supplies, underwear, socks, shoes, and personal hygiene items. These are just a few items that most of us provide almost thoughtlessly for our own children. As we build deeper relationships in our community through love and service, we can have deeper conversations about the real needs of our children. Get your kids involved and start collecting gently used children’s books, school supplies and clothing items. Invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers to join you in helping our kids be ready to go back to school.

  • July 14 - August 4: Backpack and School Supply Drive

    GRAB A YELLOW BAG in the lobbies after church and fill it up with the items from the school supply list. If you would rather let our bargain shoppers shop for you, donate $20 and we will shop for you. To donate click on the button at the top or bottom of the page.


  • July 20: Perimeter Church Summer Serve & Learn Day

    School starts back August 5th, so bring your children, friends or neighbors and join us at Perimeter for our summer serve day and our ninth annual Back-To-School Backpack Packing Party. This year we will have projects onsite, offside and a variety of equipping classes offered throughout the morning. Help us get backpacks, school supplies and basic need items ready to distribute to our non–profit partners and school partners so that every child who needs a backpack this year will have one. For more information or to sign up go to  perimeter.org/summerserving. 



Stewarding your gifts, time, and prayers to raise up the next generation and impact our cities


Community Outreach has encouraged and hosted serving opportunities focused on providing school supplies to partnering Title 1 schools for years.


But why this continuous focus? According to the American Psychological Association (APA), under-resourced schools in poorer communities struggle to meet the learning needs of their students and aid them in fulfilling their potential (2019). "Learning needs" includes basic classroom supplies for teachers and students. Families living in poverty struggle to afford basic needs such as housing and food. This leaves families in a spending trade-off between housing, food, and necessary items for school and education ("Who We Help", 2019). Additionally, teachers on average spend nearly $600 per year of personal funds to stock up their classrooms and provide supplies for students ("Who We Help", 2019). 


Inadequate education contributes to the cycle of poverty by making it more difficult for low-income children to lift themselves and future generations out of poverty (APA, 2019). 


By donating and collecting new school supplies, classrooms can be stocked for the school year and students can arrive at school on their first day with the confidence that they will have what they need to complete their school work.